Step by Step process to staring a blog for website


If your business running online and you want to boost your traffic via content, blogging is perfect for boost online business and increase the traffic or ranking in search engines. To start blogging it’s a simple and east step to quickly to start a blog. Before starting Let’s understand what is a blog and step to staring a blog?

What is a Blog?

A blog is a regularly updated website where new content published regularly, which the main goal is to attract the reader and generate online lead and boost your website traffic. Blog typically is written in an informal language which is easy to readable and understandable to users.

Keypoint to successful blogging:

1)Pick your blog’s name and niche

First of all, choose the blog name because the name is the first thing which the user read first so it should be represent either general topic or you will writing about.

Your blog niche is the general topic area that will focus on content. Always choose the niche who you are an expert.

2)Blogging platform

Find the proper blogging platform there are many of there platform which comes with a different feature. Among theme best platform is if you are looking for a free blog go with that provides free blogging specially used for personal blogging.

blooger is the biggest and most popular blogging platform which is easy.


3)Choose the domain name and hosting provider

When we choose the free blogging, it comes with multiple limitations but a self-hosting blog on your own domain allows you to fully own your blog.

For, hosting service in my opinion Bluehost is the most established and reliable company to host your blog on the internet. It gives great results when it merges with WordPress.bluehost

4)Get a Webhosting account

After choosing a domain, select a reliable hosting service will one of the most important decisions you have to take.

To the extent the functionality and performance of your site depending on the hosting provider. Most hosting companies offer domain name which is register with the company and separated from all hosting accounts. I suggest keeping all your hosting accounts for hassle-free management and maintenance.


5)Start the blog

You can start the blog on any platform, but here we can take an example of WordPress.

Step to start a blog

  1. Visit Bluehost
  2. Select a hosting plan for a blog
  3. Input your blog’s domain name
  4. Register for Bluehost
  5. Select your hosting option
  6. Lunch your WordPress blog with Bluehost


The first thing you have to after launch the blog is you need to design front end, you have to create an eyecatching and responsive design.

If you choose WordPress, the platform comes with a bunch of pre-built themes which provide all the facility. There are more than a thousand themes available in WordPress.

Before choosing the theme must consider these things:

  1. Read the description
  2. Preview the theme
  3. Check the demo
  4. Check the responsiveness and compatibility
  5. Get to know user review

In a theme there are free and premium versions so choose according to your need. If looking for the advanced feature go with the premium version elsewhere free theme is good.

7)Make money using the blog

A blog is also a way to earn money online. So you can earn money when your blog is popular and generate high traffic.

Tips to make money via the blog:

  1. Running Ads on the blog
  2. Enroll in an Affiliate program
  3. Sell product or service
  4. Sponsored Post
  5. Running Ads

These are the complete process to set up a blog step by step. Follow the step and create a successful blog.

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