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Everyone who accesses the internet always is in a hurry, make a website fast loading should be the first priority. Most of the people access mobile device and the mobile user wants a speed. So, when we develop any website /application speed is a crucial part.

1)Keep redirects down

Redirection slows down your site, since when the user clicks on the link and open link in a new tab. It Is an additional process that can increase the bounce rate.

So, minimize your redirects if you want to keep your visitor’s attention and website loading faster.

2)Use compressed images

The image takes more time to load than content and increases the load time. To speed up things used compressed image and scale-up theme for mobile. If you use less image it would be better but the image catches the user’s attention so use a logo or something.

3)Use simple web design

When the user visits the website the website layout is the first thing that attracts the user’s attention. So a design always looks elegant and impressive. The more feature you include, the more time it will take to load time. Make sure that design is simple as well as elegant so it makes your site lighter and loads faster.

4)Less custom font

Custom fonts look amazing but used in many JavaScript or CSS, which can everything down. If possible avoid using of custom font, but it will change the overall look of the website. You can use the custom font to display important heading or information.

5)Active Google AMP

Activating Google AMP(Accelerated Mobile Page) project will make it look great and load fast at the same time. It uses ultra minimalistic HTML to speed up the loading time of content on devices such as a mobile, tablet, etc.

6)SEO Optimize

Speed is an important factor because for boosts your website traffic and increases the ranking on the search engine. Remember that a site/app is mobile friendly because most of the user uses a smartphone and tablet.

7)Minify your code

A website has a ton of code and some of the code is completely unnecessary. So, remove the unnecessary code and free up space. Minify your website code by remove the unnecessary code and free up space. As a result, it is easy to load and makes your site lightweight and faster.

8)Cut your sign up a step short

A normal website enlists in six to seven-step. To speed up the process enlist the step into four to five-step. It makes the website lighter and fast.

9)Turn browser catching on

A browser can remember page and save the data for later use. By activating browser catching serving up the page faster.

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