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SEO is considered as a daunting task even by professionals, but no can deny that it holds utmost importance. Nowadays, it holds an important place in an organization’s strategy if they want to be successful. However, the constant changes in the algorithm made by Google and other search engines create a headache for platforms. For easing confusing and educating readers, we have created this post about the top 10 tricks to make your website SEO friendly.

Top 10 tricks to make your website SEO friendly

Our team suggests you have a careful look at each and then implement them for having solid results.

Making user-friendly URLs

SEO Friendly URL Make Your Website SEO Friendly

The foremost thing that you have to take care of is creating an URL that is friendly for the users. For instance, you should add the major keyword in the URL so that the search engine and users can understand what this page is all about.

If you are talking about the bed sheets on the particular page of the site, then the URL should be It will give an instant impression on the search engines that this page is all about the bed sheets. Also, please try to avoid superfluous words or any kind of characters in the URL.

Boosting site’s security with HTTPS

site’s security with HTTPS Make Your Website SEO Friendly

This trick might be a new one for some people as they may be thinking how securing your site with HTTPS will benefit their SEO ranking. The reason behind is that the HTTPS works perfectly with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for transferring the information safely. Apart from that, the data encrypted by HTTPS for security that ensures don’t get altered or corrupted while transmission process.

That’s not all, it can also be the answer to your question “how to make your website SEO friendly”. There is a recommendation given by Google to sites with HTTPS. Furthermore, they have even included it as a ranking factor in their search engine algorithm.

Adding interesting & useful content

content Make Your Website SEO Friendly

No matter how much technology advances, the content is and will always remain the king of SEO. There is a very crucial part played by content marketing for boosting the performance of SEO friendly websites. It does not assist in focusing on particular keywords and topics that potential customers looking for, but it also offers a chance to make a better connection with the readers. You will succeed in giving real value to them that let you stay a step ahead of the competitors.

The site should be updated consistently with engaging and useful content. It can be created by having a research on the targeted market so that the necessary topics they care can be founded. Furthermore, the content shouldn’t only explain your products or services, but also tell consumers what your brand can bring to them.

Creating accessible design

Creating accessible design Make Your Website SEO Friendly

The conversion rate gets affected greatly if a website can’t be accessed in a complete way. It can result in reducing your ranking in the search engines for sure. A website should be compatible with all types of browsers if you don’t want your visitors to exit. The chances of buying any product or service by those readers are quite impossible.

That’s not all, you will find SEO rankings on the lower side if the site is tough to navigate or loads slowly. Also, you should ensure that the site doesn’t have any images that load in a slower manner. Check some of the best UX tools.

Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence Make Your Website SEO Friendly

Many may argue thatsocial media isn’t an important ranking for algorithm run by Google. However, that’s not a reality as it is one of the most important tricks to making your website SEO friendly. There are tons of benefits to having a strong social media profile liked to your website. Sharing the content on social media platforms will boost page views and attract lots of traffic.

Begin the process with Twitter, Google+, and Facebook as they are the major platforms. You can even think about moving to other platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin on the basis of niche.

SEO-friendly images

SEO Friendly IMAGES Make Your Website SEO Friendly

If you believe that SEO is only for content, then you are completely wrong. Nowadays, it holds equal importance for the images so the users are advised to optimize them. Never choose large images for the site as it will hurt you. The best you can do is choose images between 30 & 100 KB with a resolution of 72 dpi.

As we all know, the large images result in reducing the loading speed on the site and can affect the search engine rankings in a negative manner. Along with that, try to place the site carefully so that nothing affects the site badly.

Adding keywords differently

Keywords Make Your Website SEO Friendly

If you think that using keywords in the copy is enough, then you are thinking wrong. Apart from that, they should be used in various positions on the site along with the design of the site. Additionally, you can optimize the images that have proven to show many useful results in recent years. Add them at the beginning of the article so that search engine can easily crawl.

That’s not all, you should use them in H1 tags, title tags, meta descriptions, navigation, H2 tags, title attributes, footer links, internal links, meta keywords, folder names, website slogans, and breadcrumb trails.

Diversified Backlinks

Backlinks Make Your Website SEO Friendly

No one can create SEO friendly websites without putting a special focus on the link profile as it holds utmost importance after on-site SEO. Working on your link profile will boost your brand awareness and increase confidence among the audience towards it. You can begin by developing a diverse backlink profile having a mix of following and no follow links directed towards your site.

Apart from boosting rankings, these links can give credibility as well as visibility in the search engines to your brand. Furthermore, it becomes easier for visitors to identify content. Never go for bad linking strategies and try to use natural techniques for having faster results.

Text-based navigation system

Text Based Navigation Make Your Website SEO Friendly

The navigation system is used by both visitors as well as search engines for exploring the various pages on the site. So, we suggest you keep it planned properly and created by keeping SEO in mind. Try to make it on the basis of the text so that they can be read by search engines easily. A professional designer will be fully aware of search engine friendly technology while utilizing the drop downs.

If you ask our team, then we will suggest you using CSS for creating menus instead of Flash-based menu & JavaScript system.

Using JavaScript Sparingly

JavaScript Make Your Website SEO Friendly

One of the most mistakes made by the people is using javascript for a complete website design. They are indexed by search engines by crawling through sites that determine the ranking in results. The search engine will find it difficult to read your site if there is a solid amount of javascript on the site. On top of that, it can result in lots of crawling problems for the search engines.

Along with that, the javascript isn’t compatible with all type of mobile devices. That’s why it is better to make it convenient for the search engines for crawling your website quickly.

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So, what do you think about these tricks to make your website SEO friendly? Using these techniques will result in adding value to your search engine rankings for sure. Do you have any question about the content mentioned in this post? If yes, then why don’t you tell us in the comment section? Our team will answer your queries soon.

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