How to Implements SEO concepts in web designing?


Do you want to improve your google search engine ranking? Do you think that your website is user-friendly and pleasing to the eyes, but does not generate enough traffic and does not increase the No. of visitors per webpage, or did not bring potential customers? It must be because your website does not SEO optimized. A developer implements SEO concepts while developing a website. SEO web designing refers to designing and developing SEO friendly website which provides features like mobile-friendly, fast-loading, and descriptive URLs.

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UI design tips for smooth website development

ui design

A website is a collection of pages and links. There are many factors matter when you are creating a website like coding, design, testing, etc. Instead of all of these things, User Experience and UI design is a must.

The success of a website or mobile application depends on a combination of user interface and user experience. Interface designs that focus on the layout of the functionality of the interface are the subnet of user experience design, which focuses on the bigger picture. The whole experience, not just the interface.

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How to make a responsive website?

steps to make a responsive website

In today’s digital age, having a website that adjusts fluidly to different devices is more than a trend, it’s a requirement. With the rise of smartphones, tablets, and various screen sizes, ensuring that your website appears and performs properly across all devices is critical for engaging users and attaining online success. This overview will help you through the steps of building a responsive website, from planning and design to coding and testing.

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7 Ways to Protect Your Website from Malware and Attacks

protect your website from malware

Malware is one of the major problems with which website owners have to deal consistently. It is a sad reality that everyone has to face at some point. Recent research shows that malware attacks happened on nearly 1% of websites every week. That’s why you must know about the exact method to protect your website from malware. Continue reading “7 Ways to Protect Your Website from Malware and Attacks”

10 Tricks to Make Your Website SEO Friendly

make your website SEO friendly

SEO is considered as a daunting task even by professionals, but no can deny that it holds utmost importance. Nowadays, it holds an important place in an organization’s strategy if they want to be successful. However, the constant changes in the algorithm made by Google and other search engines create a headache for platforms. For easing confusing and educating readers, we have created this post about the top 10 tricks to make your website SEO friendly. Continue reading “10 Tricks to Make Your Website SEO Friendly”