How to Implements SEO concepts in web designing?


Do you want to improve your google search engine ranking? Do you think that your website is user-friendly and pleasing to the eyes, but does not generate enough traffic and does not increase the No. of visitors per webpage, or did not bring potential customers? It must be because your website does not SEO optimized. A developer implements SEO concepts while developing a website. SEO web designing refers to designing and developing SEO friendly website which provides features like mobile-friendly, fast-loading, and descriptive URLs.

The best part of an SEO-friendly website is, it ranks higher in search engines. The higher rank in the search engine the traffic gaining chance increases which lead to bringing a potential customer.

Let’s start with the basics and explain how can we implement SEO concepts while designing a website and boost your website traffic.

How SEO and web design work together and why it is so important for your webpages?

Just as the name suggests, it means designing and making SEO-friendly websites, which allows and literally follows the best SEO practices. The best example of an SEO-friendly website is having a mobile-friendly interface, Responsive, and Descriptive URLs.

The more SEO friendly website is, the easier it is to rank in search engine. You can use SEO tools to create an SEO friendly website that boosts your website performance and increase the ranking in google search.

Here, are some key point which can lead you to more search engine friendly website without compromising the design.

1)Ensure that website is mobile-friendly

SEO concepts

Nowadays, most people open websites on various devices such as a mobile, tablet. If your website does not easily accessible, you will be losing lots of the traffic that could come to your site and indirectly boost your ranking. Designing your website to be mobile friendly is another factor that influences search engine ranking.

The best way to solve this problem is to create a responsive design which is accessible on all device. It eliminates the possibility of duplicate content.

2)Optimize your website speed


If you find that your website take a time to load, then there is a high chance that because of your website design.

A slow website speed means you potentially lose the customer and lower-ranking in search engines.

For SEO Optimized website, you have to optimize your website (compress the images, eliminated unnecessary plug-ins) because high-resolution image increases the load time, this tends to have high bounce rate and slow page speed.

Remember that, your website is a clutter-free and clean design.

In short, the faster your website loads, the higher your ranking in search engines.

3)Design a user-friendly website


If the user comes to your webpages, goes through it, and leaves it because they could not understand design in simple terms it’s called a bounce.

The easier your interface is, the more time user spends on your website. The result is more engagement, more backlinks, and more data to feed the algorithms. All this happens because of the simple, user-friendly interface and easy navigation.

4)Build unique and quality content


The content you put on your website has to be easy, simple, and on point. Google loves content that is simple, easy to understand and focus on quality content.

Quality content ensures that your website searches ranking higher than before, and it even optimizes your web pages.

Good content helps you to gain user trust as they find content that is precise, concise, and to the point.

5)Improve sitemaps


Sitemaps are maps to your website and how to get to where and see what. If your site does not navigate you may lose traffic and potential customer.

To make it easier for your user, you can also use a link structure that helps them navigate through a website. A sitemap also tends to help improve ranking and make your site more appealing.

These are a few SEO concepts that are extremely important and useful to improve your Google search rankings and get more traffic towards your website.

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