UI design tips for smooth website development

ui design

A website is a collection of pages and links. There are many factors matter when you are creating a website like coding, design, testing, etc. Instead of all of these things, User Experience and UI design is a must.

The success of a website or mobile application depends on a combination of user interface and user experience. Interface designs that focus on the layout of the functionality of the interface are the subnet of user experience design, which focuses on the bigger picture. The whole experience, not just the interface.

Before create a UI design must know the following things:

1) Know your user

Ultimately, the website is used by the user. You have to know who your users are inside-out. Every designer main goal is to reach to the user and conversion with it. UI/UX designer must know who the targeted audience is.

Before starting the design, analyze the data and specify who the user wants. Identify user earlier helps you to come with a better design.

This will help you design a more effective user interface design.

2) Be a good user

A designer has to think like a user when you design UI make sure you think like a user point of view. Likewise, if you are a user want you to want on a website, how it looks and feel.

How a user will interact with a particular website or application. What UX user wants. Read the user previous feedback and comments to get to know user requirements correctly.

3) Use Typography

Typography is an art of representing the information in a readable and appealing form.

How well your design received by the user depends on correctly used typography. Pick typography that looks elegant but at the same time does not interface with the readability.

The user wants to read content with great typography and if they struggle to read that means the designer does not do him so well.

Always picking typography that seamlessly navigates through the content and prevents information in a digestible format.

4) Avoid excessive scrolling

Scrolling is a very basic feature of the website. however, how effective scrolling is decided whether it will engage the user better way.

There are many types of scrolling available such as fixed-long, parallax, infinite, etc.

For the better result designer must know that when scrolling is used, where it puts on your website.

The best practice of using scrolling when you place the image. The use of scrolling mostly depends on your website.

5) Content copy matter

When it’s comes to a design copywriter a matter a lot.

You need to make effective utilization of available spaces. For this make sure whatever you used in your design they needed to use. It is not about the quantity of content it’s quality of content.

For creating a content copy make sure it offers all important information and query that audience have.

Use paragraph, heading, subheading, highlights to help viewer scan your web page quickly also makes your website content friendly.

6) Responsive design

A responsive design effect on your website. As a UI designer, you know how to effectively design UI that makes use of flexible layout, images, and CSS media queries.

For a Successful UI designer, it is essential that you educate yourself about the best practice of responsive website design.

7) UI Testing

Once your design is completed test your design and checks the efficiency.

To improve UX check the UI and test functionality works correct way. If any improvement requires to do it.

8) Stay Updated

The user always wants something new and creative. The designer always stays updated with the latest trends and innovations happening in the design field.

9) Effective management

In a designer aspect, your team dynamic also has a great impact on your performance.

In a designing process, you are working in a team, it’s sometimes crucial to managing a dynamic team. Because all have a different idea and make sure whatever you choose is a correct and proper reason for justify.

10 ) Keep it simple

All the great designers have one common thing is simplicity. The UI design looks simple and minimal.

The minimal and simple design is easy to understand, So keep it simple. Remember simple and classy designs always catch the user attraction.

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