Image plug-ins for WordPress website

Image plug-ins

A plug-in is a group of functions that can be added to WordPress for additional functionality to your website. there are many plug-ins available in WordPress such as Caching, subscription, SEO, Analytics, Social media integration, Image Plug-ins.

Generally, the WordPress plug-in writes in PHP Language and is integrated with WordPress. WordPress has a plug-in for everything. you can add functionality without writing a single line code.

As a site admin, you can install/uninstall plug-ins in the admin section. You can also download the plugin manually and install them.

Although major plug-ins are free and they can do what you want to do. Choose the plugin according to your requirements.

What is an image plug-ins?

Image is a more critical part of the website. A good website demands a high-quality image but it takes a lot of server space, and can often increase load time. Out of the box, WordPress makes it easy to manage images. It’s available in various plug-ins to manage images. The image plug-ins allow you to create a custom image for your site, lazy loading for image iframe makes your site load faster and saves bandwidth

Here  are some of the best Image plug-ins for wordpress


It is a free version of the Envira Gallery premium version. The premium version has more feature and functionality but for basic blog or photography website, the free version of envira provide all feature. The user easily creates a beautiful, responsive image gallery.

  • Drag and Drop builder
  • Lightbox image presentation
  • Fast loading
  • SEO Optimized
  • Select No of column
  • Pagination
  • Image proofing

2)WP Smush – Image plug-ins

wp smush

Images take up a lot of space on a web server and can slow down your site performance. WP Smush is a free plug-in that reduces image file size through compression and improves load time. It is a major impact on SEO performance.

  • Optimized your image using an advanced lossless compression technique
  • Automatically scale up image width, height
  • Auto smush your attachment on upload
  • Add bulk attachment at the same time

3) Responsive Lightbox – 

responssive lightbox

It allows you to add mobile-friendly lightbox functionality to all images on your site. It’s an improved image experience for the user on various devices.

  • Automatic add lightbox to WordPress image gallery
  • Option to set gallery image title from image title, Alt, Caption
  • Automatic add lightbox to WordPress image link
  • Woo-commerce product gallery support
  • Automatic add lightbox to WordPress Video link
  • Option to conditionally load script and page style

4) Photonic – Image plug-ins

photonic - Image plug-ins

Photonic is a gallery and lightbox plugin that can be used to display content from Google photos, Instagram, etc.

It is different from other plugins on this list as it does not manage a gallery traditionally in other it does not add media to your media library and does not define new content structure to the associated photos.

  • Integrated with a third-party source
  • Support for multiple lightbox script, without requiring add on
  • Interactive gallery builder
  • Work with classic and blog editor

5) Justified image grid – Image plug-ins

imagegrid - Image plug-ins

It is a premium WordPress plugin.

Beyond the beautiful image grid that prosperous the original aspect of your image. One of the coolest things is that you can import content from a ton of different external services like Facebook, youtube, etc.

  • Image grid preserve the aspect ratio of the image, rather than cropping them
  • Import content from external sources.

nextgen - Image plug-ins

It comes bundled with all the features required for the image. Its free version offers two galleries and two album styles.

With the premium plug-in, you can get a premium gallery and album features. Pro lightbox feature with image share and comment.

  • Batch uploading image
  • Importing metadata from your photo
  • Grouping gallery into the album
  • E-commerce feature

7) FooGallery

f - Image plug-ins

With FooGallery that you create retina-ready by default. Its free version also allowed built-in album support. So, that you can easily group together multiple different galleries.

  • Support for videos in a gallery
  • More gallery template
  • Image hover effect
  • Lazy loading
  • SEO Optimized
  • Image loading effect
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Simple pagination

8) WP Photo album plus

wp - Image plug-ins

It is a powerful photo album plugin that allows your visitor allows to rate and comment on your image.

In a pro version, you will get full control over the metadata such as EXIF and display sizes.

It also allows you to upload an image from the frontend of your website and has loads of built-in features like lightbox, Google Maps, etc.

  • Comes with 20 different widget
  • Create an image and video gallery in the pro version
  • Different niche template in the free version


Image is always a challenging part of running a website. But the WordPress community always tries to improve the platform in any way they can. It always provides the best way to make your work easy.

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