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Are you facing a problem with deciding live chat plug-in for your website? Here we have discussed the most feature-packed and elegant WordPress chat solution.

The most important thing is that live chat tools are technically external services that are easy to integrate into WordPress. Thanks to the dedicated plug-in of The plug-in is easy to integrate and reliable.

Installing a WordPress chat plug-in is extremely easy. Choose the right one is a hard part. Before you choose the plug-in you must consider such a factor like usefulness, design or learning curve. If you don’t know which you should choose, choose the one.

Most popular WordPress live chat plug-in comparison

Here is the plug-in list you can install directly in the WordPress dashboard. The comparison considers several things such as usability, appearance, ease of use, popularity and user rating.



Tidio is 4th most popular live chat plug-in. It‘s basically for free. If you want to add some extra features like live typing preview, additional agent seat, or want to exceed your Chabot quota after you burned through your monthly limit of Chatbot triggers.

Tidio is extremely versatile out of the box plug-in but if you want to more features or customization options you can try JavaScript.

  • Desktop, mobile and Browser app support
  • 3 operator sear
  • The unlimited message, Chat history and contact
  • Chatbot editor and template
  • Canned response
  • Widget customization
  • User Blocking



As a name suggest, crisp is a crisp and elegant plug-in. The free version provides a limited feature, but you can try a paid version of some features as a demo. The best thing is that you can extend the trial version time like if you integrated with Facebook you can get 2 more day trials.

Crisp comes with a good and bad thing combination. In crisp, you need to install a plugin within the plug-in. It’s like a plug-in version of inception.

You need to install a different plug-in to create auto-response and early automation. The crisp library contains a 40+ crisp plug-in. Some may like to test out what works for them and customize their widget according to their way.

  • Magic map feature
  • Zapier integration
  • User blocking
  • Chatbot editor



Intercom is a fully professional solution. It takes care of customer interaction management, automated workflows, and data analysis.

It is very popular in a big company, it’s offers enterprise-level quality. The individual plugin within the plugin is sold separately. You need to install separate add on like answer bot.

  • Customizable chat workflow and automation
  • Facebook integration
  • Message triggers and scheduling
  • Team performance dashboard



It is one of the most popular plug-in in the WordPress community. The look of the panel is trendy and elegant, with lots of whitespace and nice vector graphics.

Jivochat doesn’t contain default chatbot, which is a disadvantage. But don’t have to worry jivochat make up for this lack of chatbot with its phone support tool.

Jiochat is supposed to be paired with voice chat. It’s call back feature can be supported for some business.

  • Unlimited chat
  • Magic map feature
  • Facebook message integration
  • Real-time visitor monitor
  • Chat history and contact info collection



Drift is like a cook rockstar. It is bold and has a very distinctive feel and attitude. The free plan, however, is a basic feature. It does not include a chatbot.

  • Welcome message
  • CRM routing
  • Chatbot routing
  • Custom chatbot design

6)WP live chat


3CX is a company that provides VOIP services. Their live chat is a semi-complete solution you can use for free because they use it as a lure.

The company wants you to connect their WordPress live chat plugin with their 3CX phone system.

  • Unlimited contact and check history storage
  • Customize the look of the widget
  • JavaScript API and customizable CSS files
  • DND setup
  • Canned response



Live chat is a feature-rich premium live chat service in terms of depth of functionality and interface is the best around all of the plug-in.

It is modular and uses the “ plug-in within the plugin” approach. It has its own marketplace section in the panel. You expand features by connecting your live chat app with other integration modules and additional plug-in.

You need to install a separate live chat app called chatbot used to create a chatbot and conversion flow.

  • Great design through interface and chat widget
  • Automatic greeting and trigger
  • Built-in ticket support
  • 130+ tools integrated
  • File sharing
  • Visitor track and analysis
  • E-commerce focused feature


tawk is one of the most popular live chat plugin, the overly attractive feature is “ All the functionality is free”.

It is simple and chats oriented. It is great with a live operator, and that is actually a business model. Instead of selling CRM, marketing and automation tool they give you great free chat tools and allows you to hire chat agents.

  • Unlimited agent
  • Built-in ticket support
  • Detailed analytic
  • 27 different language


Here, we recommend you the best plug-ins for live chat. there are the most popular and feature reached plug-in. for good real-time experience go with the premium version of the plug-in. they provide a custom chatbot and other feature, that helps you to provide better support to your user.

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