What is Vitejs, and Why is it Fast?

What is Vite js & Why is it Fast

Vitejs may help web developers launch their next project rapidly. With Create React App no longer encouraged, many developers are using newer frameworks and tools to construct their apps for a better development experience.

Nextjs, Gatsby, and Remix are famous and recommended by React teams. Vite.js is another platform for building modern web apps faster and better.

How about Vitejs? Vite (French for “quick,” pronounced veet) is a build tool that attempts to speed up and simplify modern online project development, according to its official description. 

Vitejs is used to speed up development. Wondering why ViteJS is known for its fast speed of development? Let’s explore the reason:

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Top 11+ Vue Component Libraries

The Top Vue Component Libraries

Without a doubt, Vue js will rank well among the most well-liked front-end development
frameworks. The Vue library is a well-known JavaScript library that may be used to create
dynamic frontend apps. Following its 2014 introduction, Vue has grown yearly since its
release and won over the hearts of many programmers with its adaptability, simplicity, and
ease of use.

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31+ Best Docker Commands You Should Learn in 2024

Best Docker Commands

In the dynamic world of software development in 2024, Docker stands as a pivotal tool. Docker, a platform that simplifies the process of building, running, and managing applications in isolated environments known as containers, has revolutionised the way developers work. Its ability to ensure consistency across various environments has made it indispensable.

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Best Open-Source Angular Chart Libraries in 2024

Best Open-source Angular chart libraries - CodedThemes

Data analysis is a crucial part of any business application that will help you to make important decisions. It is important to represent a large amount of data in easy to understand and interactive way. To visualize complex data on your web app, you need powerful angular chart libraries.

Charts are very useful for creating easy-to-understand and represent data interactive way.

Today charts are built using SVG scalable vector graphics and JavaScript. Charts are available which support all the browsers, support interactivity and animations, and come without special plugins. These charts look well across high-resolution devices. This has been made possible with JavaScript Development using several JavaScript chart libraries.

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Vue vs Angular – Which is good for your web app 2024?

Vue vs Angular - Choose best framework

As we step into 2024, the debate between Vue.js and Angular for web application development remains as relevant as ever. Both frameworks have evolved, adapting to the changing landscape of web development. Vue.js, renowned for its simplicity and flexibility, contrasts with Angular’s robustness and comprehensive feature set, developed and maintained by Google. This comparison aims to dissect the characteristics of each to help you make an informed decision.

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Elevate Your Design: 15 Essential UX Tools for Modern Creators

Essential UX Tools for Modern Creators

In the dynamic world of web and application design, the tools we use can make all the difference in crafting an engaging and intuitive user experience. As a tech enthusiast passionate about the latest advancements in user experience design, I’m excited to share my insights on some of the most powerful UX tools available today. From prototyping to final design, these tools are essential for anyone serious about delivering top-notch digital experiences. Let’s explore each of these tools and understand how they can elevate your UX design process.

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