10+ React Bootstrap (reactstrap) templates and themes

reactstrap templates


Building a stunning User interface of the admin area is challenging. Best 10+ React Bootstrap (reactstrap) templates and themes for a web designer.

Reactstrap supplies you with Bootstrap 4 components, which offer complete flexibility. With this in mind and tons of ready-made material, you can now bring into fruition new projects faster, with a lot less effort.

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Most use-full Material-UI components for Angular

Material-UI Components For Angular


Material design is a popular visual design system created by Google. It aims to enable designers and developers to create applications that have a unified look on all platforms. Apps that follow material design principles look beautiful and professional on all operating systems and devices.

Angular Material is a set of UI component frameworks and references that uses the implementation of Google’s Material Design specifications. It provides a set of reusable UI components which is easy to customize.

Much like Vue and React, Angular uses components and splits UI into reusable pieces.

To help you get started with Angular and for you to have a fruitful experience while working on your Angular apps.

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Top 20+ Free Laravel admin templates

Laravel admin template


Working with Laravel, if you want to save time and money and do not need to start work from the scratch; use ready to use Laravel admin templates collection for saving developer time and effort. Before know that Laravel templates let’s get a brief introduction to the Laravel framework:

Laravel is a PHP framework that allows developers to create web solutions following the model–view–controller (MVC) software architectural pattern. Providing programmers with a number of valuable features, Laravel facilitates the process of writing websites and applications.

A template generally comes with a huge number of components and the freedom to customize everything. We’ve gathered a useful collection of free Laravel Templates and Dashboards so you can start building your web app right now.

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Top 10+ Laravel Material Design Dashboard 2021

Laravel Material Design Dashboard

Laravel Material Design Dashboard

Material Design is developed by Google to use to create a mobile application for android. It provides interaction between the application and users. The purpose of the Material design was to unify their product interfaces. Material Design offers grid-based layout, animations, padding layouts and takes responsiveness into account. It is a highly flexible user interface in comparison to other Designs.

Material Design by Google is a perfect choice for building web applications and admin dashboards. In this post, we have collected the best Material-UI Design Laravel Admin Templates which are available for free download as well as premium quality admin templates that are easy to customize and offer good support.

Here, let’s find out the best Laravel Material Design Dashboard that provides excellent community support for Material design.

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Best HTML Responsive Slider for website



HTML Responsive Slider is one of the most controversial for web design; some designers love it, some hate this. The same goes for web developers; some developers cannot imagine a website without them, whereas some are never used to it.

One of the reasons for the different views because sliders are great instruments for displaying lots of information within a small space, at the same time, they can be SEO-killers, user experience blunders, and destroyers of marketing strategies. Therefore, with such strong arguments for and against, using sliders in web design is always a case of personal preferences.

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Best 20+ free Bootstrap 5 templates in 2021

Bootstrap 5 templates


Bootstrap is an open-source framework built-in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or JavaScript Library for developing a responsive and mobile-friendly website. Bootstrap includes CSS and JS-based design templates for typography, forms, button, and navigation. Recently bootstrap launched the latest version of this framework which is bootstrap 5, it comes with a major change such as remove jQuery support. If you are looking for the best free and premium Bootstrap 5 templates, we have listed the best Bootstrap 5 templates which is easy to use, highly responsive, and customizable.

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10+ Icon font platforms for UIUX Designer

font icon


Icon and resources are basic UI design components for every project. But if you want to create your own icons and font it takes a lot of time as well as finding a perfect icon from thousands of icons also a time-consuming process. Uploading images or photos widely can amplify the loading time of the web.

Web Icon font platforms, on the other hand, offer a new way of utilizing iconography with the same compatibility but much better flexibility. Fonts are basically a set of symbols and include the benefits offered by CSS font properties.

If you’re looking for 100% free Icon font platforms for your website then this post has collected all of the best ones. Each icon pack is totally free with SVG vectors and Webfont formats to include in your stylesheets and web pages.

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Best Figma Design Template 2021

figma design template


Figma is one of the most popular tools used to create functional and high-quality user interface designs for a professional and new designer. Whether you’ve just started using Figma or using it for while you’ve probably noticed that it’s super easy to import Figma templates and UI kits to customize and help speed up your next project. Before finding out the best Figma design template let’s understand the design system concept.

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Best ReactJS Form library for 2022


As our application gets bigger and more complicated, it can be worth to look a third-party library.  React third-party libraries helps you to reduce boilerplate, standardize our code, and simplify complex problems.

Most React applications contain forms. Forms are used to collect data for processing from users. If you are building a React application that contains one or more forms.  If you work with React, you know that it provides a way to handle forms using controlled components. However, it can become tedious with a lot of repetitive code if you build a lot of forms, and you may want to also validate and keep track of the visited fields or form state. To solve this problem a form library is used that helps easy to build forms of varying complexity, with validation and state management.

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