Top 10 Popular App Based on React Native Framework

Top 10 Popular App Based on React Native Framework

Top 10 Popular App Based on React Native Framework – React Native framework design for built a native app for android, ios, and web. It is based on a JavaScript library created by Facebook called react, thus bring power to mobile app development.

The concept of creating an app using only one paradigm for all platforms sounds impossible. but it’s possible in react –a native. It allows one framework for multiple platforms.

The main purpose of React native is to build an app that gives a better user experience and apps that are run faster on all devices such as mobile, desktop, etc.

What is React-Native? – App-Based React Native Framework

React Native is a native version of a popular web library of the same name (ReactJs) and its main purpose is to bring the power to react to native mobile app development.

These days, React native is popular among the developer community. It got the strong backing of the very passionate developer community that provides the solution to each problem. It is one of the best front-runners developed by tech giant Facebook.

The main purpose of the use of the React-Native framework is user writing and rendering code for applications for android, ios.

React – Native components are pure, side –effect free function that returns what the view looks like at any point and time.

With the rising popularity of React –native many tech giants adopted that latest framework. It is the first choice of a mobile app developer.


Some company’s used native framework and get amazing success: [App Based React Native Framework]


Facebook – App-Based React Native Framework




Consider that React-Native started as an “internal hackathon project” on Facebook in 2013. It is unbelievable that Facebook maintains all its apps using React-Native.

The main goal is to create a framework was required minimal effort that people have to put into building a high-performance mobile application.

Facebook wanted to bring the entire desktop app in mobile apps like quick iteration and a single team for the whole product- to mobile.

Upon release, it supported only for ios but with a later update gave a provision to build the UI on android as well.

Major improvements were noticed in the speed of the startup of the event dashboard.






Instagram accepts the challenge to interact React-Native into their existing native app beginning from the simplest view of an image.

The push notification view was basically implemented as the web view. It does not require building navigation, infrastructure, UI was quite simple.

Since Facebook adopted Instagram transition was easier and implemented more effectively.

All the code shared between Android and Ios thanks for the React-Native.

The push notification view was initially implemented purely as a web view.






The best example of React native integration with the mobile app is skype. With around 300 million daily active users, Skype is more professional and business-oriented.

Skype has its own development framework xamarin who deals with cross-platform application development, but they convert xamarin into React-Native.

The transition from xamarin to react native is a Huge challenge, luckily for the user, the transition brings an amazing result and it is fixed previous bugs and issues.

So, Microsoft decided to implement react native in a desktop app which improves their services.



Walmart is always famous for its innovative attitude(Nodejs is introduced into their stack), and for that, Walmart got the award-winning app that was developed on to React-Native framework.

The first time Walmart took a risk when they added Nodejs into their system. This is a high-risk move to converting their mobile app into the React-Native framework. This involved a lot of effort to write code.

They managed to improved performance across both platforms and shared 95% of code between android and ios. It is easier for a developer to work on both at the same time.

React-Native improved its customer experience and provide identical performance to the native app with extremely smooth animation.

Uber Eats


ubereat - App Based React Native Framework


Although a React-Native covers a small part of the application it gives a significant result for the user in the team of UI and UX.

Uber Eats is a California-based food ordering system that supported web browsers, but we can safely say that its mobile app runs effectively the same as a web after implementing React-Native. The main feature of these app orders food, delivery and collect a review of the restaurant from the customer.

Although not completely written in React-Native but clean UI and smooth functioning can be attributed to this framework.

The transition is quite easy for Uber Eats developed the team to compare them previous react transition.




bloomberg - App Based React Native Framework


Bloomberg designed its consumer application for clients using React-Native.

Before the Bloomberg team adopted react naïve for their mobile app, they had spent significant time in developing and updating the android and ios versions. By thorough testing of the prototype which is created in React-Native, the technology was adopted for simultaneous updates for cross-platform app support.

The transformation results in an interactive streamlined experience for the user. With the help of React-Native Bloomberg was able to deliver an app that was cross-platform compatible as well as SEO optimized.

The main feature of Bloomberg includes portfolio tracing, business, financial news, special content, and the streamlined performance of the application.



airbnb - App Based React Native Framework


Another popular app that is built in React-Native is AirBnB.

According to a software engineer at Airbnb, 60 developers are working on React native.

Airbnb uses react for built a reusable code is possible and it is quite easy way to refractor as well.

Facebook Admanager

Facebook Admanager is the definition of the success of the react native app. It considers because of two reasons. It is the first react native app for the android version And the first cross-platform app developed by Facebook.

One of the main reasons Facebook decided to create Facebook Admanager completely in react native is to create a “ Clean and simple user interaction, Lightning-fast performance, a clean UI and Simple navigation, flawless data visualization”.


Wix is an online company that provides web hosting and web designing services.  In Wix users can design and build their site in HTML, CSS using drag and drop ability. The best feature of Wix is it does not require coding.

There are several navigation options available for handling navigation in react native apps like React-Native –router-flux, React navigation.

Out of all Wix uses React native navigation because of its extremely configurable navigation and screen option along with properly maintain an updated codebase.

SoundCloud Pulse

SoundCloud Pulse Is an application for creators that help them manage their accounts and keep their community humming.

The integration of SoundCloud Pulse and React-Native was generally positive. The developer found out easier to work on react native-based applications than on a native application.

Moreover, they were capable of building the application by themselves without frequent input from specialized mobile developers.