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E-Mail marketing services

One of the most popular ways to promote your business in a digital platform is E-Mail marketing services. E-Mail marketing is a traditional way to promote business. E-Mail marketing is a highly reliable and trustworthy method to communicate.

What is E-Mail Marketing?

E-Mail marketing is a process of sending messages to the targeted audience through E-Mail. In other words it is a process of sending a message to potential customers and generate an effective lead. You can consider E-Mail marketing as a lead generation tool.

  • It gives you full control of choosing the target audience based on location, data, etc.
  • E-Mail marketing is cost-effective.
  • It saves time and effort to promote business
  • Track and analysis of sales and user management solutions. Mailchimp is based in
  • Easy to share and forward

Best E-Mail marketing service

If you have an idea of what is email marketing and promote your business. An E-Mail marketing service provides a platform which takes care of all E-Mail marketing need.

Let’s check out the best E-Mail marketing services website in 2020.



Mailchimp is one of the best and highly popular E-Mail marketing solutions. It is developed in Atlanta, GA owned by the company Rocket science group.

The company has millions of the user and send the billions of E-Mail through their platform. You can get all basic feature free if you want to premium feature switch on pro version.

Basic Feature:

  • Send E-Mail daily basis
  • Send E-Mail targeted user
  • Unlimited E-Mail template
  • Easy to switch plan
  • WP plug-in available

Pro version included:

  • Optimized for speed with test variation
  • Mandrill API available
  • Powerful and flexible automation
  • Compare report to help you analyze
  • Track and target using e-commerce data





Aweber is a great platform to grow and increased subscribers. It’s owned by the Aweber system and overly 1,00,000 small businesses and clients worldwide used it. It helps you to create an E-Mail list, send beautiful E-Mail, and connect with the audience faster. It is user friendly and comes with a drag and drop page builder to easy customization pre-built template layout.

Basic Feature:

  • Animated E-Mail sending option
  • Multiple price plan
  • Drag-drop builder
  • Targeted audience tracking
  • Powerful analytics and tracking

Pro version included:

  • High volume E-Mail sent a support
  • Support large No. of. Subscriber
  • Speed optimization


3)Constant Contact


As a name suggest, it will help you stay in constant contact with your user through E-Mail. It is developed by Roving software in 1995, but in 2004 it changes its name.

Basic Feature:

  • Unlimited E-Mail sending
  • Advance tracking and report
  • Friendly and helpful
  • Pre-built template
  • List building tool

Pro version included:

  • Advance E-Mail automation
  • Easy event marketing
  • Online donation option
  • Include survey and polls
  • Add coupon


4)Get response


Getresponse offers an awesome platform to satisfy all E-Mail marketing needs. It developed in 1999 by Simon Grabowski. It is available in 21 different languages. The best feature of this service provider is it provides a perfect timing option that detects the best time to send an E-Mail so E-Mail an open increase rate higher than normal.

Basic Feature:

  • Perfect timing
  • Autoresponder
  • Landing page
  • RTL ready
  • Easy to customize

Pro version included:

  • Advance landing page
  • Campaign consulting
  • Salesforce integration


5)Active campaign


Active campaign is not more popular like Mailchimp. It started in 2003 until now it has 1,00,000 active users. It is useful from a small scale to large corporations because of their flexible plan.

Basic Feature:

  • Unlimited E-Mail sending option
  • Chat and mail support
  • Option to send out a newsletter

Pro version included:

  • Customize user permission
  • Custom domain name
  • One on one training
  • Unlimited user support
  • Dedicated account representative




Benchmark is developed in 2004 based in California, US. The company listed in 20 B2B technology to try in 2017 by Forbes. It features the world’s most powerful E-Mail designer to help out.

Basic Feature:

  • Responsive and creative E-Mail template
  • Unlimited E-Mail sending
  • E-Mail delivery management
  • sign – up form
  • tracking google analytics

Pro version included:

  • E-Mail followup automation
  • website engagement automation
  • A/B Testing

price benchmark


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