Get to know about most popular E-commerce platform: Introduction of Woo-commerce


In the era of digitalization, all the business running on online. Most trending online business is e-commerce related business such as fashion store, electronic store, jewellery store, accessories store, etc. All the store common thing is to showcase a product, order management, inventory and report management, security, and other things.let’s start with the Introduction of Woo-commerce and explore it’s feature.

Woo-commerce is an open-source, completely customizable e-commerce platform for Entrepreneurs worldwide. This plug-in is used to develop to transform any website into a beautiful online store. It is a perfect plug-in. If you want to build a standalone online store, it’s reliable and robust e-commerce plug-in that boast of enterprise-level quality and feature.


The benefit of choose Woo-commerce

Woo-commerce is one of the most popular and commonly used e-commerce solutions. Based on WordPress and developed by the same community Woo-commerce is a flexible, simple, powerful, and feature-rich shopping solution nowadays.

1)Woo-commerce is a free

Woo-commerce is a free, open-source WordPress plug-in which is accessible through everyone.

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform. Across the globe 25% of a website running on WordPress – and direct development support of Woo-commerce plug-in.

2)Easy to customize via theme

It is extremely difficult and expensive to change the website. With the use of a Woo-commerce platform, you can easily switch back to appearance. For these, a bunch of free and paid themes available. The best place to buy a theme from ThemeForest.

3)Available feature

Woo-commerce comes with all the feature such as listing a product, order, and billing. In short, Woo-commerce will work fast and reliable with all the basic feature that needs to run an online store.


  • Fully customization
  • Built-in blogging
  • Manage product, tag, and attribute
  • Manage product review and rating
  • Product sorting and filtering
  • Multi-language and multi-currency


The Woo-commerce development team works closely with a security expert. Security update arrives quickly, and you can implement updates via a single click. To provide a regular update to your e-commerce platform and plug-in.

5)Extension library

Woo-commerce has a 400 official extension for woo-commerce, rating from analytics, payments, and shipping, marketing, and accounting. These are official extensions created and supported by the Woo-commerce development team and countless third-party extensions. The extension is paid or free. Woo-commerce extension and plug-in rarely exceed $20-30.

6)Search engine optimization

Woo-commerce is running on one of the most established platforms in the world, which is highly adapted to SEO guidelines as provided by Google. It’s created for SEO optimize of your product much simple and easy way.

The best thing of Woo-commerce

1)Woo-commerce is scalable

Woo-commerce store is scalable and can handle an unlimited amount of products. Multiple products can not slow down your site speed. There are many factors affect the scalability of the website.

i)Server hardware:  You should always spend time choosing the right hosting company and hosting provider as it is where the scalability problem begins in woo-commerce. Make sure that your hosting package provider handles a large amount of traffic effectively.

ii)Traffic: Make sure that your traffic on the website distributed well.

iii)Code: A Woo-commerce store that runs on the internet, the developer should provide updates regularly. It’s necessary because a new update comes with an optimized code. It will help your code effectively.

2)Woo-commerce is customizable

When you create a website it is like a blank canvas. You have to add things to represent your store.

  1. Company name
  2. Logo
  3. Tag lines
  4. Colors and icons that represent your brand

Customize theme: Only plug-in integration is not enough. You should have to choose the perfect theme that showcases your product. The good thing about Woo-commerce is that you can easily modify the user interface. Even you can change in the existing sites without complexity.

Feature of Woo-commerce

  • Modern and clean interface
  • WordPress content integration
  • Add/manage product
  • Geo-location integration
  • Analyze product
  • Product review and rating
  • Dashboard
  • CRM store management
  • Discount coupon code
  • Reporting
  • Tax rate define and analyze
  • Set default currency
  • Pre-install payment gateway

Pricing of Woo-commerce


Alternative of Woo-commerce

  1. Shopify
  2. Prestashop
  3. Drupal commerce
  4. Pay kickstart
  5. X-cart

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