What is a Content Management System (CMS)? An Overview of it.

content management system


A Content Management System is a software application program that is used to create and manage digital content. CMS is typically used for enterprise content management and web content management.


What is Content Management System (CMS)?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software program that allows users to create, edit, archive, collaborate, report, publish and distribute information. Its GUI makes WebPages interactive and user friendly.

It uses two essential components to create web pages.

1) HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

2) CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

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black friday

Black Friday Weekend starts soon! This year’s been rough, so we are here to soothe you with holiday-level deals. A Week early Because – you deserve it.

Black Friday is a popular way to sell consumer goods and products at a high discount rate. It also indicates profit and loss where profit recorded in black and losses recorded in red marks.

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What is a ReactJs? Why it is a popular among developer?


During the time we have seen technology changes drastically within a decade. We have experienced amazing features of the React template that is used for creating a responsive application. In the current situation, the framework plays a fundamental role in diversifying developer experience. To simplify the developing process we have the technology, library, plug-ins, add-ons, and element. This helps you to create a React template for the website using ReactJs. Currently, we have a wide range of frameworks that are agile and focus on a modular design.

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Able Pro- Responsive Bootstrap, Angular, React Admin dashboard


Take your website all-new level with the help of Able pro admin dashboard 

Able Pro is a fully responsive admin dashboard built using Bootstrap 4, Angular 10, and React-Redux with a material look and feel. The template is a well design and comes with lots of features, which work perfectly.  Able pro adopts different sizes which will make your website compatible with any modern browser and device.

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The best way to Learn React from scratch

learn react

Front end development framework is highly popular nowadays. One of the most popular frameworks is to React, the modern javascript UI library which is used by many companies. React is used for creating single page application for a complex application. Some developer believes that react is complicated because it’s associated with –JSX, webpacks, Redux, and so on. But it’s not difficult to learn with the help of resources. Here, are some guidelines to Learn React from scratch and resources to help create an application.

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Explain the Lifecycle Of Angular


Angular is a widely used server-side platform used by many developers with the emergency of the angular platform to build a mobile and web application.

The platform was introduced by Google back in 2009. The first version of angular known as AngularJS was extensively popular and dependant on HTML and javascript. Later angular Javascript got replaced by Angular TypeScript and other scripting languages.

Angular has given the developers the freedom to develop applications that can run on the web, mobiles, and desktop. With time Angular has undergone many modifications and has introduced many versions after AngularJS to Angular10 and still counting.

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Halloween sale – Get 50%OFF on Admin template and up to 90%OFF on mega bundles


Horror and fun, trick or treat, this is Halloween. In this Halloween season, codedthemes has a surprise for all of you. Do you believe in the magic of Halloween and karma that fulfill your wish. So, try your luck and get an amazing discount on the Halloween sale.

In Halloween festival, 2020 codedthemes offer a “50%OFF on all admin templates and up to 90%OFF on mega bundles”. We will arrange the giveaway contest where 10 lucky winners get 90%OFF on our mega bundles’ products.

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Implement Light/Dark mode in Vue Vite application


Implement Light/dark mode in vue vite application

Implementing light/dark features in any application is most important nowadays. Because users generally prefer dark mode because it’s catchy and attractive. In this article, we will implement the light/dark mode feature into vue vite application without using the library.

First of all, we create a vite application for the user interface. Before creating an application I would like to recommend the best vue template, there are free to download for any project and extend feature via premium version. The template saves developer time and efforts and provides a stunning user interface.

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5 Best Drag and Drop page builder for website 2020

Drag and Drop page builder

Do you want to build a website without having to worry about any code? Hiring a developer cost money and time. Thanks to website page builder now make it possible to create a professional WordPress site without having coding knowledge.


Why we use Drag and Drop page builder for a website?

There are many ready to use theme and templates available. You just install it and customize them. But for the customization, you need to have knowledge about coding.

To solve this problem drag and drop page builder comes into the picture. It allows you to create custom layouts for your site using ready-made content blocks, modules, and widgets. You get to create the site you want without needing any tech skills.

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