Best Open-source Angular chart libraries in 2021



Data analysis is a crucial part of any business application that will help you to make important decisions. It is important to represent a large amount of data in easy to understand and interactive way. To visualize complex data on your web app, you need powerful angular chart libraries.

Charts are very useful for creating easy-to-understand and represent data interactive way.

Today charts are built using SVG scalable vector graphics and JavaScript. Charts are available which support all the browsers, support interactivity and animations, and come without special plugins. These charts look well across high-resolution devices. This has been made possible with JavaScript Development using several JavaScript chart libraries.

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How to Implement Tailwind CSS in ReactJS


Nowadays, in a market plethora of frameworks and awesome libraries have been built to simplify the work of developers to create an intuitive interface. However, quite a lot of them (Bootstrap, Foundation) impose design decisions that are difficult to undo; they come with predefined components, therefore, eliminating the need for dynamic customization. This is the reason why Tailwind CSS is considered to be a good choice for building 21st-century web interfaces. Tailwind CSS, you get to create the components that suit what you want or what you are working on. These components can be created by harnessing the power of the utility-first prowess of Tailwind CSS. In this article, we will learn how to implement Tailwind CSS in ReactJS.

Before starting the implementation process, understand the basics of ReactJS and Tailwind CSS.

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Why ReactJS is Gaining Popularity? what is the Benefit of using ReactJS?



When it comes to meeting the needs of modern-day users who expect sleek, interactive, and high-performing web applications, ReactJS is an ideal JavaScript framework owing to its robust JavaScript libraries that can be put to use for quickly developing intuitive UI for web apps. Let’s take a quick look at ReactJS basics and their popularity.

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Best Tailwind CSS Admin Template for your next project 2021

Tailwind CSS Admin Template

No wonder, that CSS frameworks emerged over time and took most of the pain away. Today we can’t imagine coding without our favorite CSS framework, as targeting multiple screen sizes has become a necessity. In this article, we provide the Best Tailwind CSS Admin Template.

In this article we will discuss Tailwind CSS, Tailwind CSS is different from frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, or Bulma because it is not a UI kit, and it does not have default themes or built-in UI components. It is a very powerful framework in terms of customization, of course, if you don’t mind the repetition in your mark-up, because you can make any website you can imagine.

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What is a UI Design System? How to Create a Design System?

ui design system

Design systems have become a key part of every company. Companies like Airbnb, Uber, and IBM have changed the ways they design digital products by incorporating their own unique UI Design System.

By utilizing a collection of repeatable components and a set of standards guiding the use of those components, each of these companies has been able to change the pace of creation and innovation within their teams.

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Difference between Flat Design vs. Material Design

Flat Design vs. Material Design

The new trend emerging every year, we have seen lots of flux in web Designing trend. With all this volatility, it is easy for Designers to get caught up in the latest craze which is Flat Design and Material Design. In this article, we will discuss the most trending Design concepts differences Flat Design vs. Material Design. We will find out the best User Interface Design and what is the difference between them.

Before we go into a discussion about both UI Design, Let’s get to know what is Material Design and Flat Design.

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Best Material-UI React Design Admin Templates

material ui


Material Design by Google is a perfect choice for building web applications and admin dashboards. In this post, we have collected the best Material-UI React Design Admin Templates which are available for free download as well as premium quality admin templates that are easy to customize and offer good support.

Material design is a design language developed by Google. The purpose of the Material design was to unify their product interfaces. Material UI consists of components, which made with React technology. You can use them separately, which means, that you can have in your app only the number of styles, which it uses. This design technology doesn’t need any library since it is pure CSS. So, we can see now, that Material UI gives you an opportunity to get components, which you want to work with.

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Top 25 Figma plug-in for creating a design system



Figma becomes one of the most versatile apps for UI & UX designers. It is a web-based graphics editing and User interface design app uses for designing mobile interfaces, prototyping designing, and crafting social media posts. Figma plug-in is a recent addition to what’s becoming the go-to collaboration tool for UI designers everywhere. Plug-ins provide an easy way to extend your capabilities with Figma. Through this helpful update, designers can automate repetitive tasks, add helpful content into mockups. Continue reading “Top 25 Figma plug-in for creating a design system”

How to create and implement a Custom Hook in React application?

Custom Hook


In simple terms React Hooks are functions. When you include them in your component or within another Hook, they allow you to make use of React internals and parts of the React lifecycle with native Hooks like useState and useEffect.

What is a Custom Hook?

A Custom Hook allows you to extract some components’ logic into a reusable function.

Custom Hooks are nothing but a JavaScript function, use while creating a React app. If we have common logic that we want to share between components then we use custom Hooks. The main goal is creating code reusability.

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React Hook – what it brings to the development

React Hook


React Hooks were introduced at React conf oct, 2018as a way to use state and side effects in React function components. The React Hook APIs provide an alternative to writing class-based components and offer an alternative approach to state management and life cycle method.


Hooks are a new edition in React 16.8 that allows you to use state and other React features, like the lifecycle method without access to the class.  (React Hook brings you functional components, Hooks can do the thing once we are able to do with the class such as React local state, effect, and context has now done through useState, useEffect, useContext).

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