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Icon and resources are basic UI design components for every project. But if you want to create your own icons and font it takes a lot of time as well as finding a perfect icon from thousands of icons also a time-consuming process. Uploading images or photos widely can amplify the loading time of the web.

Web Icon font platforms, on the other hand, offer a new way of utilizing iconography with the same compatibility but much better flexibility. Fonts are basically a set of symbols and include the benefits offered by CSS font properties.

If you’re looking for 100% free Icon font platforms for your website then this post has collected all of the best ones. Each icon pack is totally free with SVG vectors and Webfont formats to include in your stylesheets and web pages.

Captain icon


Captain icon packed created by designer Mario del Valle. It’s a totally free open-source project hosted on GitHub with vector files and web fonts.

Captain Icon has over 350 vector icons, with each icon featuring a unique design, all hand-drawn from the ground up. It is this fact that makes this pack stand out from the plethora of icon sets we see today. It may be more suitable for creative sites than others; as the icons are hand-drawn, they may not be ideal for say healthcare or financial services sites.



Looking for lightweight icon font, if yes Octicons is for you. GitHub recently open-sourced their own icon pack called Octicons. This free icon set is currently in version 5.0 and includes dozens of icons with some basic symbols.

The icon is just simple enough that they can work on pretty much any interface.

If you need a simple, lightweight icon font then Octicons won’t let you down.



Typicons set is perfect for any site. It comes with a 330+ similar icon in a somewhat similar style – simple outlines and smoothed corners.

This is a free pack available on GitHub, allowing you to deploy the icons on your site directly, and make whatever alterations you deem necessary.

Typicons is not as well known as some of the other icon sets but it’s a good set of fonts. With just a few adjustments and adding bits of code. They can even work for iOS with some minor adjustments and special code snippets.



Zondicons are free Icon font platforms and super easy to add to your site. they don’t feature an update archive as they are not hosted on GitHub.

It comes with a demo page that includes demo pages with an example as well as CSS classes you will require to ensure that they work effectively.

The main Zondicons download link comes right from the website, so it’s hard to tell if they’ve ever been updated or if new icons were added. Yet, if your website design isn’t too complicated, you can use this icon set; they are easy to use and blend very naturally into your site with a generic style.



Entypo is the most popular freebies icon library that comes with a 400+ icons.  New icons are added intermittently, and you can access them easily.

The font icons available in two splits:

  1. Main pack
  2. Social media pack

It is released under the creative commons share-alike license.

MFG Labs


MFG Labs released their own web icon font set, absolutely free and hosted on GitHub which means you can easily access it.

Each icon comes packed with standard Webfont formats using Unicode PUAs in CSS. This is fully semantic in all browsers and helps to reduce clashes against other CSS codes.

It is completely semantic across browsers; it helps to minimize conflicts with other CSS code. it is ideal for any kind of website – personal, brochure, e-commerce, or any other.



Ionic is hugely popular with native app developers, especially comes to the web to the mobile app. The Ionic team decided to release their icons as a Webfont called Ionicons.

It is 100% free and hosted on Github, and capable of being added straight to your site when you use the stylesheet’s CDN version.

Ionicons is an ideal choice for newbies who never used icons and font before. It is easy to configure and use.

Font Awesome


Font Awesome is one of the oldest and original web fonts and bootstrap’s personal choice. It’s acknowledged as the first key open-source icon font and is regularly updated with innovative icons.

It is freely available on GitHub with a great benefit such as its capability of being maintained directly in CSS and is completely scalable. It is also highly customizable, allowing you to play around with background gradients, shadows and colors, and anything else you want to change, with the help of pure CSS3.

Material Design Icons


The material design from tech giant Google, radicalized the UI/UX approach on the web, leading to the creation of several new resources and frameworks. Google’s material design brought a new approach to UI/UX on the web. This led to many new frameworks & resources including this material design icon font.

These material icons are totally free and accessible on GitHub. This icon pack is absolutely massive with over 1,000 icons covering a wide array of interface features.

If you’re working with Google material guidelines on the web, there can be nothing better.



The Devicons pack is one of the newer web fonts you can try with a focus on tech logos & branding. This icon font has every logo you can think of from the big tech players like Google to newer CMS logos like Ghost. They are perfect if you are building a site that requires vector tech logos. This set is massive and totally free.


In conclusion, there are various font libraries available in the market but we selected a few. when it comes to web icon font sets, even the free ones, that are available for use; just examine a few designs to determine which will need for your project.

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