Author:  THANKSGIVING WEEKEND STARTS SOON: Get 50% Off on Black Friday Sale

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Black Friday Weekend starts soon! This year’s been rough, so we are here to soothe you with holiday-level deals. A Week early Because – you deserve it.

Black Friday is a popular way to sell consumer goods and products at a high discount rate. It also indicates profit and loss where profit recorded in black and losses recorded in red marks.

In this cyber week, codedthemes offers a 50% discount on the popular and best-selling product. Capture once a year the opportunity to take advantage of the amazing discounts and effortless prices.

To, help you we offer a responsive admin dashboard and mega bundles with 50% OFF.

Able pro


Able pro is a stunning and fully responsive bootstrap templates. It contains a ready-to-use feature package and provides a flexible solution to every problem. Able pro comes with a one-click change light-dark layout and set of components for the unlimited creativity of the user. It also includes easy navigation and useful animation feature.

Datta able


Datatable is a primary and essential feature of the admin template. They are mainly used for display information in tabular format with advanced functionality such as search, filter. The adoption of responsive web design and numerous approach has been developing a table format which is fit well with all device and screen size.

When you want to display your website data organically and adoptive format data table is important. It will showcase sales, performance, and income information on the dashboard. Let’s find out the best bootstrap admin template which comes with a data table.

Gradient able


Gradient Able Bootstrap 4 Admin Template is a complete solution for your dashboard creation. It comes with the default layout version, with limited options, Google optimized, font integration, high speed, mature and sophisticated, extremely well-organized code makes Gradient Able Lite a completely flexible solution for any type of back-end application project.

We offer mega bundles of Bootstrap admin template and Angular admin template

We offer Bootstrap 4 and angular 10 mega bundles. The Admin templates are highly creatively developed and designed, fully responsive, and tested in all retina devices, compatible with major browsers. It is developed and introduced to serve any kind of your project website needs for agencies, designers, marketers, personals, and other professionals.


Bootstrap Mega bundles

In terms of performance, Mega Bundle’s admin templates are rendering fast in all major browsers. It is passed through a good score in Google Page Speed, Pingdom, GT Metrix. Code passed via w3 validators with all w3 standards. Bootstrap Mega Bundle provides tons of choices for different layouts, pages, color, widgets, charts, icons, tables, and many more features supported and pre-built to play around with. We have also implemented an admin template with Gulp.


Angular Mega bundles

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