20 Best Chrome Extensions for Developers & Web Designers

20 Best Chrome Extensions for Developers & Web Designers

Are you puzzled to find the best chrome extensions for developers & web designers? Is this question revolving in your mind for a long time? If yes, then it is the right place where you will get all the answers. No one denies the fact that Chrome is one of the most amazing web browsers available around the globe. It not only supports tons of extensions but also gives a boost to the productivity of web developers as well as designers.

In this post, we will tell you about 20 extensions that every developer and web designer must install in their system. All of them are available on the Google Webstore, and you can install them with a simple click.

Let’s check out the list of Best Chrome Extensions for Developers and Web Designers and install ones that suit you perfectly.

1. WhatFont

whatfont chrome extension - codedthemes

Do you find it hard to find the font type that used by a particular site in the coding? If yes, then why don’t you opt for an easier way in the form of WhatFont extension? It helps in identifying the fonts from various websites only by tapping on the text.

You will receive all the information about that font in the popup window like font weight & style, size, family, height, color, and many more.

2. Designers Ruler

Designers rulers chrome extension - codedthemes

It is arguably one of the best Chrome extensions for designers who love to measure anything on the internet. This extension help in making the pixels perfect through its various features like line-height guides, long rule, drop down overlay, and vertical draggable rulers among others.

It even nominated for the Big Chip Award in the category named “Best Use of Technology.”

3. Site Palette

Site Palette chrome extension - codedthemes

Site Palette is a simple to use Chrome extension that the designers and developers can use for developing palettes on the basis of webpage design.

It assists the users in choosing the primary and secondary colors along which the way to fit them together.

4. Window Resizer

Window Resizer best chrome extensions for developers & web designers

This amazing google chrome extension is a perfect option for resizing the browser window so that different screen resolutions can be emulated. It is very popular among the web designers and developers as it assists in testing the layouts on various browser resolutions.

It let the users set the position, height, and even preset icon of the window quite conveniently. Additionally, this extension equips with customizable key shortcuts and many useful functions.

5. Web Developer

Web Developer chrome extension - codedthemes

No doubt it is one of the most amazing chrome extensions for web developers that give them all the required tools in a single bar. Developed by Chrispe Derick, this extension offers plenty of features like disabling plugins, resizing pages, etc.

It has become a premier choice of the web developers in recent years due to its awesome benefits.

6. CSS Viewer

CSS Viewer chrome extension - codedthemes

CSS Viewer is a top-class extension that allows the users to display the CSS parameters of all the elements on the internet. Furthermore, it can be enabled only by clicking the toolbar icon to hover any element on a web page.

There is a variety of keyboard shortcuts available for utilizing this extension incredibly.

7. Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator chrome extension - codedthemes

Finding a better way of creating a default text for a page layout than this extension is almost a difficult task. It offers an elegant and faster way for generating Lorem Ipsum to the web developers.

You can call it an amazing way of providing default text that let the users check out their design.

8. Marmoset

Marmoset chrome extension - codedthemes

The list of top Chrome extensions for developers and web designers can’t be completed without mentioning the name of Marmoset. It allows the users for taking out the code and output snapshots for mockups as well as demos.

Also, it let the users develop images for their promo and online portfolio with the themes and effects option.

9. ColorZilla

colorZilla chrome extension - codedthemes

In this position, we have added an eyedropper tool in the form of ColorZilla that let the users sample all types of colors from the internet with a simple click. There are RGBA, Hex, and HSL value of the selected color offered by this extension.

On top of that, it is a very quick extension that can also create color palettes from any site on the internet along with the saving the colors that you checked recently. This extension has an amazing ability to look miles better than its competitors.

10. Web Maker

Web Maker Chrome extension - codedthemes

If you like to make plenty of experiments on the internet as a developer, then you need to install this Chrome extension for sure. It is awesome software that even works both online as well as offline adequately.

The Web Maker extension is a perfect option for the developers who want to practice CSS/JS/ HTML more quickly without using the internet.

11. Clear Cache

Clear Cache Chrome extension - codedthemes

There will be hundreds of time when you have to clear the cache and cookies as a developer and designer. However, the process to navigate the Chrome settings is a very complicated task. This problem can be eliminated by installing the Clear Cache extension in your chrome browser. It will allow you to erase the cache along with the local cookies with just a single click.

Apart from that, it gives liberty to customize the data that needed to be cleared. It consists of cookies, downloads, app cache, form data, local storage, password, and many more.

12. Checkbot

Checkbot chrome extension - codedthemes

According to many experts, it is one of the most amazing tools for identifying errors and receiving suggestions regarding SEO and security of a site. This amazing extension makes a comparison between websites by more than 50 best practices recommended by Google, Mozilla, and W3Z. It is available in both paid as well as free packages for the users.

This extension help in performing plenty of functions, including checking out whether or not a site is following the ideal practices or not. Additionally, it allows the users to check the SEO & speed guidelines with this extension.

13. DevTools Autosave

DevTools Autosave chrome extension - codedthemes

If you want to eliminate the headache of copying the changes made in the CSS properties and JS, then it is best to install the DevTools Autosave extension. This amazing software auto-save the modifications and even changes the files on the servers. All these features make it handy for the developers and web designers.

Additionally, you can also change the style with its inbuilt tools along with auto-saving the modifications made in the Developer tools.

14. Fullstack Optimization Live Test

Fullstackoptimization Live Test chrome extension - codedthemes

The webpage developers will surely respect the ability of this extension for testing the pages as per the best practices predefined by Google and W3C.  The 14- Fullstack Optimization Live Test feature a testing framework that can be extended and sandboxed. The developers can use this extension for testing web pages on a variety of places, including search engine optimization and web performance.

That’s not all; it lets the users developing the test cases on their own and receives visual feedback about what going through when the page gets rendered on the browser.

15. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer chrome extension - codedthemes

This position held by one of best Google Chrome extensions that assist in cross-platforming utility. It used for showcasing the technologies used by a particular website.

Along with that, this extension can work for performing plenty of activities, including controlling the e-commerce platforms, management of contents, server-side software, and web frameworks among others.

 16. User-Agent Switcher

User agent Switcher chrome extension - codedthemes

The User-Agent Switcher is one of the innovative chrome extensions for web designers that let them check out how their web pages can be rendered in various browsers and devices. Other than that, this extension greatly assists in checking the cross-browser and cross-device compatibility at a quicker rate.

In simple words, we can say that this extension can work for modifying the Chrome browser user-agent and checking the way website get delivered to the bots like Yahoo, Bing, and Google.

17. Fresh Start

FreshStart chrome extension -codedthemes

There are certain times when the users have to open tons of tabs in the browser window while working on a certain project. Fresh Start extension allows saving all the open tabs for the future session. So, if you have to open these tabs in the future, then install the Fresh Start extension.

In addition to tabs, you can save multiple windows in a session along with using the Crash Recover feature. That’s not all; it allows the users to restore the saved session in a present or new window.

Check My Links chrome extension - codedthemes

There is a need for ensuring all the hyperlinks are in a working condition once the development phase gets completed. This process becomes cumbersome and tiring for the majority of individuals. However, we have an easy solution the form of Check My Links extension.

Installing this extension will ensure you can scan the complete page with a single click. Moreover, it gives information about all the links about whether they are working or not. No deny this extension is an amazing way to check out the broken links.

 19. Dimensions

Dimensions chrome extension - codedthemes

There is no need to get surprised if we state this chrome extension is a blessing for the web designers. It allows them to calculate the distance between two padding, margin, elements, and many more. Additionally, it also displays the distance between the supporting components and the mouse’s cursor.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t work with images due to changes in the pixel to pixel.

20. IE Tab

IE Tab Chrome Extension - codedthemes

Another amazing tool for the web designers is the IE Tab that assists in detecting the issues related to the cross-browser. The majority of designers don’t find internet explorer less than a nightmare due to certain difficulties. However, all these issues can eliminate by installing the IE Tab extension. It let the users seeing the method all the web pages can render in the Internet Explorer. This extension uses the IE rendering engine for giving the right results.

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Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in web developers and designers all over the world due to its flexibility, speed, simplicity, and amazing tools. We have provided complete detail about the top 20 best chrome extensions for developers and web designers that you can install for making work easier. Each of them has their benefits and help in boosting the productivity. Don’t forget to tell us about the experiences with these extensions in the comment section.