Top 10 UI/UX development trends


A website designing is a crucial part of any web application and website. When we design a website UI/UX is one of the most important parts. UI is a User Interface and UX stands for a User Experience. Both of the terms are interwoven and hence it is difficult to define one without the other. Graphics design trends change every year.  The graphic designers have to stay updated with such trends to design stellar websites and graphics to stay on the top of the game. It is 2021 and the UI/UX trends of 2019–2020 are obsolete in 2021. In this article, we will discuss UI/UX development trends.

Dark mode


Dark mode has become popular in 2020 and it is expected to trending in 2021 also. The Dark UI usually looks stylish and elegant. In your design add a dark version option that gives more elegancy to the project. Dark mode theme used by Apple, Instagram, and android.

3D graphics and Animation


3D technologies are actively influencing web design style. Animation and 3D not new in graphics design but in 2021.

3D is widely used in animation, illustration, and other elements. For example, in macOS big sur, designers have added three-dimensional graphics a set of icons.

3D in the web interface is eye-catching and helps you to gain attention. The key point is when you implement 3D is a high performance of your website.



Glassmorphism combines the effect of frosted glass and background blur, bright colors, and floating objects. It is currently on trend and the main aspect of this trend is a semi-transparent background, with a sublime shadow and border.

The designers started using glassmorphism which is a blurry effect or has a blurred background. Whenever a user takes a look at the element, it looks like the element is placed on the other side of the glass. It is like the user is looking at the element through a glass window or a glass barrier.

AR and VR technologies


Virtual and augmented reality gives a new dimension to UX design. this technology gives a huge impact on web designing and development.

This technology is used for entertainment for promoting products and services. Augmented reality (AR) adds digital elements to a live view often by using the camera on a smartphone. Virtual reality (VR) implies a complete immersion experience that shuts out the physical world. Combine both the technology used to create an interactive design.



Minimalism is not lost its charm because simplicity and convenience always be trendy. There is nothing better than a simple, minimalist, and readable interface.

Every day people come across various advertisements. They see discount ads and get constant notifications. Also, consumers interact with different interfaces that are overwhelmed with information.

To avoid such overload, web designers are always searching for new ways to make graphic elements simpler. They limit the number of colors, try different proportions and compositions.

Today the functionality of elements plays a paramount role. It is crucial to highlight the best qualities of a product properly and convey the right emotions from its usage to customers. Components that designers use for decorative purposes only become irrelevant.

Outsized typography


Big and bold typography becomes more and more popular. Designers are using text as the main “art” for design and actively adopting bold typography in the interface.

Outsized typography catches the user’s attention instantly. It can help you make your site clear by highlighting certain essential elements such as products, services, categories, etc.

Blurred and colorful backdrop


Gradient graphics have been hugely popular in the last few years and even today, the trend is still alive. The gradual evolution of gradients has made it lighter and complex in nature.

The designers used only 2 or 3 different colors to design linear gradients. But, UI/UX design today uses up to 10 different colors to design gradients.

Websites are increasingly using such colorful backgrounds that have gradients made up with more than 3 colors. Moreover, to keep the main content in focus, the graphics use a blurred background.

This makes the background attractive yet very discreet so that the main content does not lose the user’s attention.



An illustration is a great way to grabbing the user’s attention and stand among the competition. The designer integrates hand-drawn elements into the web interface.

The illustration is used by many tech companies such as buffer, MailChimp, etc. the designers can easily create 3D graphics and illustrations for UI/UX design. Also, the designers use 3D animation on full screen to provide the user with an immersive experience, which is also a trend.

The developers design the apps in a way that the top screen looks like it has popped out of the screen.

Voice user interface


The Voice user interface is an alternative interface that allows users to navigate through a website. The ability to interact with the digital interface using a voice command opens up new horizons making daily tasks more comfortable and easy.

The best example of voice user interfaces such as Siri, Alexa is now on-trend. In 2021 we can see more websites and apps with voice-activated search.

Pastel colors


Minimalism and simple web design, designers tend to use pastel colors in their works. This way, they highlight the lightness and unobtrusiveness of the design.

Such colors fit into various concepts very well. They set the right tone and atmosphere for different websites, for example, e-commerce platforms.



Onboarding is a concept that states the importance of making the user understand the application. This makes it easier for the user to understand the key features of the application.

Modern UI/UX design includes the application screens that enable the user to understand how the mobile app works. The UI/UX design services for onboarding insist on clear and clutter-free designs and the readability of the text. Also, the apps should have high-resolution designs and images.


In a summary, the design trend in 2021 will focus heavily on minimalism, simple UX design, along with interactive UI design. The article lists out the UI/UX development trends that are here to stay at least for 2021. The same trends are applicable to website design trends.

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