Presenting Berry Free React Admin Template

berry free react admin template

Berry is a simple yet professional free react admin template built using the Material-UI component library. It is a top-notch dashboard Template with an aim to make web applications faster & beautiful.

Berry is managed by the team CodedThemes. We believe that effective communication is the key to build a great product as a team. Berry is developed while we all work remotely which proves we are a great team.

Masterpiece is not developed, It’s crafted.

We made lots of design Iteration & testing to overcome the customer’s pain points. Our customer-centric approach gives us the motivation towards the Berry journey. You surely feel amazed after seeing the Berry User Interface.

We are pleased to announce the Berry free open-source version that you can download from Github.

Table of contents

  • Why Berry?
  • Documentation
  • Technology Stack
  • Author
  • Issues
  • License
  • More Templates
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Why Berry Free React Admin Template?

Berry has everything you need for your next project. Berry is a complete package for your end-to-end solution. We are considering it as a long-run product with continuous development.  We have added the following features in the initial release.  For knowing detailed things about Berry – visit our official blog post.

  • Modern aesthetics UI design
  • Material UI components
  • Fully Responsive, all modern browser supported
  • Easy to use code structure
  • Flexible & High-Performance code
  • Easy Documentation Guide

Preview Download

Pro version

Berry Pro React Material Admin Template will be available soon. There are 3 licenses available i.e. Standard, Pro, and Extended.


Berry documentation helps you out in all aspects from installation to deployment.

Technology Stack

  • Material-UI Component library.
  • Built with React Hooks API.
  • Redux & React Context API for State Management.
  • React Router for Navigation Routing.
  • Support of react-script.
  • Code Splitting.
  • CSS in JS where CSS is composed using JavaScript.


Berry is managed by Team CodedThemes.


Please generate a GitHub issue if you found any issues.


Free version cover under MIT license.

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