Best React-Redux admin dashboard 2021



React JS is basically a JavaScript library built and maintained by Facebook. According to the creator of React JS, Jordan Walke, React is an efficient, declarative, and flexible open-source JavaScript library for building simple, fast, and scalable frontends of web applications.  In this article, we will find out the Best React-Redux admin dashboard 2021 which is highly responsive and SEO Optimized.

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20+ RTL Admin Dashboard Template in 2021

If you want to expand your business globally must design an RTL website or application. Because the language barrier affects your business. Around the world uses Urdu, Arabic, and other languages that are written from right to left. So, this is something you must consider if you are planning to target an international audience. Nowadays, we can find a collection of RTL dashboards in the market. These templates allow you to easily translate the contents to a local language. We have prepared a list of some of the best RTL Admin Dashboard Template 2021.

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Top 20+ Free Laravel admin templates

Laravel admin template


Working with Laravel, if you want to save time and money and do not need to start work from the scratch; use ready to use Laravel admin templates collection for saving developer time and effort. Before know that Laravel templates let’s get a brief introduction to the Laravel framework:

Laravel is a PHP framework that allows developers to create web solutions following the model–view–controller (MVC) software architectural pattern. Providing programmers with a number of valuable features, Laravel facilitates the process of writing websites and applications.

A template generally comes with a huge number of components and the freedom to customize everything. We’ve gathered a useful collection of free Laravel Templates and Dashboards so you can start building your web app right now.

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Top 10+ Laravel Material Design Dashboard 2021

Laravel Material Design Dashboard

Laravel Material Design Dashboard

Material Design is developed by Google to use to create a mobile application for android. It provides interaction between the application and users. The purpose of the Material design was to unify their product interfaces. Material Design offers grid-based layout, animations, padding layouts and takes responsiveness into account. It is a highly flexible user interface in comparison to other Designs.

Material Design by Google is a perfect choice for building web applications and admin dashboards. In this post, we have collected the best Material-UI Design Laravel Admin Templates which are available for free download as well as premium quality admin templates that are easy to customize and offer good support.

Here, let’s find out the best Laravel Material Design Dashboard that provides excellent community support for Material design.

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Best Tailwind CSS Admin Template for your next project 2021

Tailwind CSS Admin Template

No wonder, that CSS frameworks emerged over time and took most of the pain away. Today we can’t imagine coding without our favorite CSS framework, as targeting multiple screen sizes has become a necessity. In this article, we provide the Best Tailwind CSS Admin Template.

In this article we will discuss Tailwind CSS, Tailwind CSS is different from frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, or Bulma because it is not a UI kit, and it does not have default themes or built-in UI components. It is a very powerful framework in terms of customization, of course, if you don’t mind the repetition in your mark-up, because you can make any website you can imagine.

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Best Responsive Bootstrap Admin Dashboard 2021

Responsive Bootstrap Admin Dashboard


Planning to develop a new app? And looking for perfect things that manage business or website owners to view information, manage their business, access data, and get analyses use Responsive Bootstrap Admin Dashboard helps you to create highly responsive app.

Creating an effective admin dashboard that your users enjoy coming back to over and over again can be a challenging task. You have to work with user experience designers to make sure the design offers the best experience to your users. Bootstrap is the most popular CSS framework that can give web developers or designers a basic structure. So to help you create a dashboard efficiently. Here we have a list of the best Responsive Bootstrap Admin Dashboard which you can use in 2021.

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Codedthemes Christmas sale – Flat 30% Off on Admin Template



Wishing a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021 to all the members of CodedThemes. This festival season we add more joy to your celebration, we offer a huge discount on the admin dashboard at the Christmas sale.


If you miss the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? No worries! We have another opportunity to grab a huge discount on all premium themes in the Christmas sale. Get flat 30%Off on popular admin dashboard such as Datta able, able pro.

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Able Pro- Responsive Bootstrap, Angular, React Admin dashboard


Take your website all-new level with the help of Able pro admin dashboard 

Able Pro is a fully responsive admin dashboard built using Bootstrap 4, Angular 10, and React-Redux with a material look and feel. The template is a well design and comes with lots of features, which work perfectly.  Able pro adopts different sizes which will make your website compatible with any modern browser and device.

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Give a quick start of your project : Best Angular admin dashboard templates 2020

Angular admin dashboard templates

No matter what kind of business and services provided, if you provide login to the user, the admin dashboard comes into the picture. The Admin dashboard is a way for the user to interact with the services or website through login credentials. In a marketplace, there are tons of platforms available for the admin dashboard such as Bootstrap, Vue, React, Angular, etc.

All the t’s unique functionality and services but the aim is providing an easy to use the dashboard to the developer that makes easy development work. The Angular admin dashboard templates give a kick start of your application. Once you build your application, you will also reuse the code and components or share the project with other developers. Here, we have a collection of free and premium Angular admin dashboard templates for your next project:

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Top 13 Responsive Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Bootstrap Admin Dashboard

Bootstrap is an open-source framework for developing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based applications. Most of the developers choose bootstrap because it is an ideal choice for creating a new project and website. Bootstrap is a consistent framework that supports multiple browsers and CSS compatibility. The best thing about using Bootstrap Admin Dashboard is it is lightweight and customizable. It comes with a highly flexible and responsive grid. Overall it is easy to use and provides big community support.

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