What is Vitejs, and Why is it Fast?

What is Vite js & Why is it Fast

Vitejs may help web developers launch their next project rapidly. With Create React App no longer encouraged, many developers are using newer frameworks and tools to construct their apps for a better development experience.

Nextjs, Gatsby, and Remix are famous and recommended by React teams. Vite.js is another platform for building modern web apps faster and better.

How about Vitejs? Vite (French for “quick,” pronounced veet) is a build tool that attempts to speed up and simplify modern online project development, according to its official description. 

Vitejs is used to speed up development. Wondering why ViteJS is known for its fast speed of development? Let’s explore the reason:

What is Vite JS?

Vite JS, crafted by Evan You, is a non-bundling development environment tailored for Vue.js. Its main aim is to improve the frontend development process by speeding up app development. 

During development, Vite employs native ES Module imports to deliver your code, enabling the creation of Vue.js single-file components without the need for bundling. Originally designed with Vue 3 in mind, Vite also extends its compatibility to other frameworks, such as React.

While initially geared towards Vue 3, Vite JS is versatile and can be applied to other frameworks like TezJS and React.

Positioned as a cutting-edge front-end development tool, Vite JS streamlines the workflow, offering a more efficient and faster approach to building modern web applications. Widely used for setting up development environments across frameworks like React and Vue, and Vanilla JavaScript apps, Vite JS simplifies the process with just three commands, incorporating a development server and hot reloading.

Vite is a vital link between Twig/Craft CMS and the next-gen front-end build tool Vite.js. Noteworthy features include Hot Module Replacement (HMR) for JavaScript, CSS, and Twig (even in the presence of errors) during development and optimized production builds. 

Vite seamlessly generates necessary <script> and <link> tags for synchronous and asynchronous loading of JavaScript and CSS. Furthermore, it boasts a caching layer to enhance overall performance.


What is Vite JS Used For?

Vite is a build tool that systemizes and improves the overall front-end development process. It enables configuring a development environment tailored explicitly for Vue, TezJS, and React frameworks.

Utilizing Vite JS facilitates the creation of high-speed single-page applications seamlessly integrated with various back-end systems. Furthermore, Vite supports Server-side Rendering (SSR) for enhanced performance.

Additionally, Vite comes equipped with built-in support for:

  • JSX and TSX
  • Typescript
  • Static assets, including images and JSON files
  • Importing CSS files and CSS preprocessor files such as .scss and .less

Why Optimize for Vite JS?

Let’s delve into the reasons behind choosing Vite for your projects after getting acquainted with what Vite is all about.

1. Enhanced Performance

Vite.js stands out in terms of performance thanks to its clever use of pre-bundling with ESbuild. This technique allows Vite.js to achieve speeds 10 to 100 times faster than other JavaScript bundlers. The pre-bundling step, powered by build, significantly reduces Vite’s cold start time, making it one of the quickest JavaScript-based bundlers available.

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2. Replace Hot Modules Seamlessly

Vite.js’ easy integration of Hot Module Replacement is a highlight. Your application can be updated in real-time without reloading the website. HMR loads only updated application portions, preserving the program’s state and saving development time.

3. Configuration Flexibility

Vite.js’ comprehensive configuration options provide you with more project control. Create a vite.config.js or vite.config.ts file in your project’s root directory to alter the default setup. This versatility lets you customize plugins, asset processing, and more. The CLI option –config enables you to specify an alternative configuration file.

Why is ViteJS Fast?

ViteJS’s remarkable speed is rooted in integrating two key trends that have shaped the web development landscape. Here’s why ViteJS is considered a fast framework:

1. Modern JavaScript Adoption:

  • ViteJS leverages the widely supported modern JavaScript, a language that has become a standard in web development.
  • The global support for Native ES modules, a key component, exceeds 92%, and this number continues to grow as outdated browsers, like IE11, phase out.

2. Native Language Data Compilers:

  • ViteJS leverages the widely supported modern JavaScript, a language that has become a standard in web development.
  • The global support for Native ES modules, a key component, exceeds 92%, and this number continues to grow as outdated browsers, like IE11, phase out.

3. Efficient Hot Module Reloading (HMR):

  • Traditional workflows involve updating the entire bundle upon file modifications, leading to a time-consuming process to visualize changes.
  • ViteJS revolutionizes this by using native module imports, ensuring that Hot Module Reload is swift and instantaneous.
  • This optimization streamlines the development process, making it more responsive and agile.

An intelligent mix of factors makes ViteJS fast. Modern JavaScript and Native ES modules provide a solid foundation for quick development. Data compilers written in native languages, such as Esbuild and SWC, enhance performance significantly.

ViteJS’s Hot Module Reloading is notable. ViteJS’s native module imports provide quick, smooth reloading without changing bundles. This boosts developer productivity and makes ViteJS a frontend development leader.

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Wrapping up

From its 2020 debut, ViteJS has quickly become a developer favourite. Fast and lightweight, its youth belies its strength. Vite reduces build process complexity, letting developers focus on code development without interruptions. Vitale’s native module imports and quick Hot Module Reloads are notable. Vite’s agility and explosive performance are summed up by this crucial quality. ViteJS is likely to influence front-end development tools as developers appreciate its efficiency.

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