Top 11+ Vue Component Libraries

The Top Vue Component Libraries

Without a doubt, Vue js will rank well among the most well-liked front-end development
frameworks. The Vue library is a well-known JavaScript library that may be used to create
dynamic frontend apps. Following its 2014 introduction, Vue has grown yearly since its
release and won over the hearts of many programmers with its adaptability, simplicity, and
ease of use.

Towards the end of 2018, Vue started to overtake React in terms of total stars on GitHub,
making it the more formidable rival to Angular and React. With over 33.7K ratings on
GitHub, Vue has emerged as the most popular framework among others.

With so much popularity and options with Vue Component Libraries, it isn’t easy to choose
the best one of all. To narrow down the huge list, here we have listed the best Vue
Component Libraries along with their notable features. So, let’s dive into the details:

Understanding Vue

Among the most widely used frontend frameworks available today is Vue, which has a
thriving third-party tool and library ecosystem that accelerates the creation of Vue
applications. The ten Vue component libraries covered in this post are worth taking a look at
for your upcoming Vue project.

Vue applications are characterized by their component-based architecture, which consists of
self-contained modules that include functionality, styling, and HTML.

Component libraries for Vue are sets of reusable building elements for Vue programs. These
libraries include pre-made base elements that you may quickly incorporate into your
applications, such as buttons, forms, inputs, cards, and so forth.

Best Vue Component Libraries



Vuetify comprises an extensive collection of over 80 meticulously crafted component
libraries, adhering to the principles of Material Design. These libraries encompass a variety
of elements such as banners, badges, form inputs and controls, buttons, progress widgets,
and more, catering to the diverse requirements of any application.

Whether you’re embarking on a new project or seeking to integrate these components into
an existing application, Vuetify supports the development of Server-Side Rendered (SSR)
apps, mobile apps, Single Page Applications (SPAs), and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

Features of Vuetify:

  • Vuetify components support material design accessibility.
  • Language internationalization is seamlessly integrated.
  • Programmatic scrolling capabilities enhance user experience.

Bootstrap Vue

Bootstrap Vue

Bootstrap Vue simplifies the integration of Vue.js with frontend CSS by replacing the routine
JavaScript in standard Bootstrap components with Vue code. This library, based on
Bootstrap v4, empowers developers to construct mobile-first and responsive projects
effortlessly. With Bootstrap Vue, creating interactive interfaces using Vue and Bootstrap
becomes swift and efficient, thanks to the abundance of resources, starter kits, and themes

Features of Bootstrap Vue:

  • Combines the strengths of Bootstrap and Vue.js seamlessly.
  • Prioritizes mobile-first design for a responsive layout.
  • Facilitates automated WAI-ARIA accessibility.
  • Allows the creation of themes using SCSS variables and global options.



One of the best Vue frameworks, PrimeVUE, has more than 80 excellent UI components. It meets a variety of purposes, including those for charts, trees, split buttons, knobs, and password forms with sliders.

Features of PrimeVUE:

  • Adaptability to prevailing themes for a smooth aesthetic appeal.
  • Simple customization for individualized apps with a comprehensive visual editor.
  • Smooth Vue 3 integration with a well-thought-out, adaptable UI library.



A state-of-the-art, high-performance toolset for building durable, quick, and aesthetically pleasing progressive online apps, Quasar is based on Node.js. Web app development, website building, native app development using Electron for Windows, Linux, and macOS, and cross-platform app development with Cordova are all covered by this extensive toolkit.

By consolidating Webpack, eslint, babel, and other tools into a unified framework, this
creative solution for web developers removes the burden of managing many tools
independently and simplifies project administration.

Key Features of Quasar:

  • Simplified customization (CSS) and extendability (JS).
  • Automatic tree shaking for dead code removal.
  • Exceptional support for desktop, web, and mobile browsers.
  • Compatibility with SPA, SSR, and PWA.

    Vue Material

    Vue Material:

    Vue Material, a Vue component library, adheres to Google Material Design Specifications, offering a sleek and lightweight solution for building resizable mobile and web applications. With Vue Material, you benefit from cross-browser compatibility, supported by impressive themes, components, and an intuitive API.

    Key Features of Vue Material:

    • Compatible with modern web browsers.
    • Aligned with Google Material design principles.
    • Simple and lightweight.
    • On-demand components with an easy-to-use API.



    Buefy, a Vue.js component library, offers a lightweight alternative for UI development, drawing inspiration from Bulma. By integrating a JS layer onto the interface crafted with BulmaCSS, Buefy streamlines app UI, aligning Vue components with Material Design UX and Bulma aesthetics.

    Key Features of Buefy:

    • Open source and accessible on GitHub.
    • Developed using Vue.js and Bulma.
    • Lightweight with no external dependencies.
    • Highly responsive design.



    Vuestic, a Vue component library, empowers the creation of responsive dashboards with features such as Material Forms, i18n, Bootstrap 4, Webpack, and Google Maps. Designed by Vasili Savitski and developed by Epicmax, it provides a versatile solution for dashboard development.

    Key Features of Vuestic:

    • Internationalization support.
    • Cross-browser compatibility.
    • Responsiveness.
    • Two color scheme options.



    CoreUI/Vue, built for Vue v3, is a comprehensive component library offering over 90 Bootstrap components and directives. It streamlines development by eliminating unnecessary dependencies, operates without JQuery, and boasts compatibility with Bootstrap 5.

    Key Features of CoreUI:

    • Responsive for mobile and browser compatibility.
    • Efficient development, reducing time-to-market.
    • Compatible with Bootstrap 5.
    • Open-source with Enterprise-level support.



    Ant Design Vue is an extensive user interface library that adheres to the Ant Design guidelines. It makes it easier to create complex and user-friendly interfaces by providing a variety of UI components and examples.

    Features of Ant-design-Vue:

    • Many UI components, including drawers, skeletons, statistics, and more.
    • The freshly launched Ant Design Vue Version 2 is compatible with Vue 3 and is easy to use.
    • Compact bundle size guarantees effectiveness and interoperability with server-side rendering, electron, and contemporary web browsers.

    Vue Sax

    Vue Sax

    As a flexible Vue component library, Vuesax simplifies frontend development for consistent applications. Developers may easily create unique and captivating applications that meet project requirements because of its vast selection of customizable components.

    Features of Vuesax:

    • Various frontend parts for both basic and sophisticated applications.
    • Separate styling possibilities for a distinctive, individual style.
    • Makes use of cutting-edge technologies to provide visual appeal, optimal performance, and high standards of code quality, such as TypeScript, JavaScript, Vue.js, Babel, and SASS.

    Element Plus

    Element Plus

    Web application development is accelerated using Element Plus, a powerful Vue UI component library. It has a wide range of components—forms, modals, buttons, and more—that make it easier to create feature-rich apps quickly. Element Plus, an upgraded version of Element UI, guarantees complete Vue 3 compatibility.

    Features of Element Plus:

    • Timelines, sophisticated date pickers, and simple animations are examples of rich components.
    • Incredibly flexible using SCSS variables and pluggable components for smooth integration.
    • Widely regarded as a top-tier Vue 3 UI framework that receives timely upgrades for new capabilities.

    The Bottom Line

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