Best Email Marketing Software and Automation Tools in 2024

Email Marketing Automation Tools

Email Marketing Automation Tools – No doubt, the process of choosing the best email marketing software is a pretty complicated task. A great number of people look for an easy-to-use and solid marketing tool.

It is necessary for boosting businesses in terms of sales and engaging prospects. Are you looking for the same? If yes, then this post is the perfect place where you will get the necessary information about this tool.

There are many options available for digital marketers, but you must find an effective tool that works for you. This Email Marketing Software and Automation Tools will help in maintaining a solid relationship with the customers.

In this article, we will top 10 best email marketing software & automation tools in 2023  Check out all and choose one that suits you perfectly.

Mailbluster – Email Marketing Automation Tools

mailbluster Email Marketing tools

When it comes to low-cost email marketing, Mailbluster is so far the best tool for sending out bulk email newsletters via AmazonSES. It costs unbelievably low while maintaining the highest deliverability.

You can have unlimited contact storage for free, and send 62K emails free every month, afterward, pay-as-you-go starts from only $0.10 per thousand emails you send.

It is packed with all the good stuff from Drag & Drop email composer, List segmentation, A/B testing, TimeWard Delivery, Real-time analytics and reports, bounce, complaint, & unsubscribe handling, and more.

You can also use personalization tags to send an email with your subscriber’s name in the subject line, Import lists without re-confirmation, schedule for delivering on a later date, and send emails with attachments. Mailbluster also provides easy to use developer API to connect your website and app.

Omnisend – Email Marketing Automation Tools

If you’ve grown and need Mailchimp alternatives for more advanced eCommerce marketing automation, Omnisend is a great option. It has automation functionalities for different channels – email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Web push notifications.

This robust platform allows for smart segmentation and advanced targeting, so your massage will always be relevant no matter who your customer is or where they are in their customer journey.

Its deep integration with eCommerce platforms lets you set up omnichannel automation workflows, contact forms, and landing pages without needing any programming skills.

ContactOut – Email Marketing Automation Tools


ContactOut is a simple browser extension that helps you find the email addresses and phone numbers of anyone on LinkedIn. I think it’d be a great tool to help your readers.

It is a recruitment sourcing tool used by 30% of FORTUNE 100 companies. Our users include Microsoft, MERC, and Bank of America. ContactOut adds a powerful overlay on top of LinkedIn profiles that displays phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles.

They’ve been around for just over three years and are already being used by recruiters from a third of the Fortune 500 (like Microsoft, PwC, and Symantec).

ContactOut finds emails from 75% of Linkedin users (2x better than the next closest competitor) at a 97% accuracy rate. It’s earned us mentions from the likes of ConversionXL, Mailshake, and Ahrefs as one of the best free email search tools available.

MailChimp – Email Marketing Automation Tools

MailChimp Email Marketing Software Email Marketing Automation Tools

We will begin our list with one of the most exciting and well-known email marketing software. MailChimp is equipped with a great variety of features like autoresponders, analytics tracking, email builder, and segmenting contact feature.

That’s not all; it let the user’s setup delivery times by time zones set. Along with that, the segments can also set up according to the geolocation.

The integration of this email marketing software with platforms like Magento, WordPress, and all other platforms is very simple. On the other hand, it also comes with an impressive set of marketing automation whose features make sure the users don’t get disappointed at all.


Drip Email Marketing Automation ToolsDrip is a specially designed software that assists in making the email process simpler than ever. It is an excellent tool having tons of features like pre-made templates, drag & drop elements, email gathering technology, and many more.

It is a powerful tool that eCommerce, marketers, and bloggers can use for having superb results. Drip also lets you sign up forms for the site and capture additional leads. On the other side, there are many support options like webinars, automation training, live chat support, superior documentation, and plenty of free guides.


Sendinblue Email Marketing Automation Tools

Sendinblue is a terrific email marketing software that both small as well as medium businesses can use. It allows them to enjoy automated email marketing at an affordable price. This software comes with a great variety of features like transactional emails, landing pages, marketing automation, and many more.

There are more than 50,000 users registered with this software sending more than 30 million emails & SMS every day. You will even get access to many advanced features like lead scoring and web tracking. Overall, it is brilliant software that you can use for efficient operation.


Mailerlite Email Marketing Automation Tools

You can’t miss Mailer Lite’s free email marketing software in this list thanks to its simplicity, superior email designs, and superior customer support.

It is a very user-friendly software that lets you develop many beautiful email campaigns, controlling subscribers & unsubscribers, and tracking results.

Along with small & midsize businesses, this software can work perfectly for freelancers, public administrators, and non-profit organizations.


Aweber Email Marketing Automation ToolsOne of the most brilliant email marketing software available in the market, Aweber comes with more than 150 customizable email template options. It let the users decide the time when & where they want to send the emails.

This software isn’t entirely free but available at a very affordable price that can suit everyone’s budget easily.

Some premier features of this software, include autoresponders, segmentation options, marketing automation functionality, responsive email designs, and many more. That’s not all; the users can integrate with a great variety of third-party applications.


ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Automation Tools

Active Campaign is a powerful marketing automation tool that is very easy to understand and provides reporting on a great variety of areas.

It includes page visits, geo-tracking, and click-maps among others. There is also a free migration service offered by this software if the users are coming from a different platform.

It is specially made for individuals who are fully serious about marketing automation and want to boost their business through it. Furthermore, this software can help in integrating sales and allowing users to enjoy terrific benefits.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor Email Marketing Automation Tools

Another easy-to-manage email marketing software, the Campaign Monitor has helped thousands of entrepreneurs in sending newsletters to subscribers.

Also, they become successful in developing a useful channel for boosting engagement in the subscribers and boosting royal leadership.

There are plenty of amazing features like a drag & drop interface, attractive templates, and engagement-based segmentation for ensuring useful content to the subscribers.

It is used by more than 150,000 companies across the globe thanks to a simple, yet effective marketing interface. It has all the features about which a business owner can wish for.


ConvertKit Email Marketing Automation Tools

No need to get surprised if someone calls it the best email marketing software as it deserves to be that. ConvertKit is a diversified email service provider made especially to target podcasters, bloggers, and businesses who are looking to build an audience.

The most exciting feature of this software is the seamless visual automation editor that can turn out to be very useful for the users. Along with that, you can segment with individual emails by utilizing conventional tags. To conclude, we can say that this tool is perfect for all types of businesses and bloggers.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email Email Marketing Automation Tools

Benchmark Email has become one of the premier choices among users for boosting their email subscribers and sales. It is a perfect option for small businesses that want to make their email marketing campaign successful. There is plenty of affordable and superior service offered by this tool that everyone will prefer to have.

One stand-out feature of this software is the detailed analytic report on all the email campaigns performed for businesses. On top of that, there are many useful features like a drag & drop email editor, simple to use interface, and many more.


Email Marketing Automation Tools

Arguably one of the easiest email marketing tools, Get Response is an exciting method for sending out campaigns, online surveys, email newsletters, and lots of other things.

There is a host of solid features that you will get in this software, including autoresponder functionality, split testing, in-depth reporting, social sharing tools, and many more.

For the help of the users, this platform offers many different marketing plans along with a trial plan that lasts for 30 days. Overall, we find its exciting software option to choose for building an email audience.


Email Marketing Automation Tools

Equipped with a great variety of solid APIs, the Mailgun tool gives liberty to the users for sending, receiving, and tracking email effortlessly using an app.

Many features make it unique from the other tools available in the market. It includes easy SMTP integration, API abstracts, searchable logs, and many more.

In simple words, we can say that it is an excellent choice for developers who seek a simple email API integration to deliver email irrespective of the developing language.


Email Marketing Automation Tools

Known as a leader in customer communications, the Sendgrid email marketing tool assists marketers and developers in sending emails efficiently.

There are more than 78,000 customers’ people using this software across the world. It includes all types of companies that range from small to large multi-national companies.

The features that attract people to this software are straightforward segmentation, actionable analytics, flexible campaign editing, and many more. So, the people who are looking for a reliable application to send emails should go for this one.

Mailjet – Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing Automation Tools

If you are looking for an all-rounder solution for tracking, sending, and delivering emails to subscribers, then Mailjet can be an ideal choice to make.

It is equipped with a unique cloud-based infrastructure and highly known for its high scalability. This email marketing software optimizes email deliverability and access through both APIs and drags & drop interface.

It let the developers made integration with the features of this software quite easily. Furthermore, this platform has offices in almost every larger city in the world. You can find any difficulty in finding support from the platform.

MailWizz EMA – Email Marketing Automation Tools

Email Marketing Automation Tools

Many users prefer having a cheaper alternative for people who can’t afford costly software available in the market. MailWiz EMA allows the users to manage the email marketing services efficiently for plenty of their websites in a single place.

This tool comes with lots of features like CAN-SPAM compliance, drip campaigns, dynamic content, image library, template management, mailing list management, and landing pages.

Apart from being cheap software, this email marketing company makes things easier for users. So, you will love using this software to having an enjoyable experience.

Constant Contact – Email Marketing Automation Tools

Email Marketing Automation Tools

Considered as one of the biggest email marketing platforms, Constant Contact allows the users to manage plenty of things like marketing calendars, email templates, email lists, contact, and many more.

It is a beginner-friendly tool that offers access to track and report easily. You will get successful in accessing many useful features like built-in social media tools, list segmentation, powerful eCommerce integration, and a free image library.

Along with that, you can’t miss its superior customer support that includes email community support, phone calls, and live chat.

On the other hand, it also comes with an impressive set of marketing automation solutions whose features make sure the users don’t get disappointed at all.

Jotform Sign – Email Signature Tool

Email marketing tools

Jotform Sign is a great tool to create secure documents and collect electronic signatures easily. Create your documents using one of Jotform’s many templates and add drag-and-drop widgets to customize your document and match it to your brand.

When you create your document, you can share it with a link, or QR code or even embed it into your website for easy access. Signers can fill out documents via email and you can get notified whenever a change is made. You can track all of your submissions with Jotform’s dedicated report builder features. It’s a great way to analyze your data and gain insight into your users.

Jotform Sign integrates directly with most known email marketing platforms. Generate automated workflows between your documents and your most used productivity apps. Construct an engaging email campaign through your marketing platform, elucidating the document’s purpose and the necessity for a signature. Integrate a direct link or embed the Jotform Sign document into the email, ensuring a straightforward signature process for recipients. Personalize your emails for a more engaging touch, incorporating recipient names and relevant details. Employ tracking features provided by your email platform to monitor campaign performance, including open rates, click-through rates, and completion rates.

Jotform’s free plan comes with all of its features for you to try out. From conditional logic to over 600 ready-made templates, don’t hesitate to try out Jotform Sign if you are looking to elevate your email marketing workflow and automate your manual processes.

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