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podcast plug-in

The podcast is trending now. Thousands of American user hearing a podcast not only the USA but all over the podcast viewer increased. if you want to join a podcast community and launch your own podcast on your WordPress website, choose the podcast plug-in carefully? On the internet thousand of podcast plug-ins available, but choose the right one to feel overwhelming.

To choose any podcast plugin that meets your needs.

  • What the front end podcast episode player looks like, including the option that your listener has.
  • What backend podcast manager feature access to like whether or not you can generate an i-tune compliant RSS feed.
  • Pricing information.

Powerpress By Blubrry


If you want to build a powerful podcast site in WordPress. Blubrry provides you a complete set of tools you will need. Its services include podcasting host, statics, No. Of. Podcast plugin in the market –power press.

Powerpress is a simple but very powerful plugin for your WordPress website. it provides an audio and video podcasting. Powerpress supports apple podcast and Google podcast.

Blubrry comes with a simple advance mode. when you are a beginner start with simple. It is effortless to create the first episode and submit to the apple podcast. When you are friendly with it switch to advance mode. In advance mode to utilize all the robust options that plug-in offers.

The plugin features an integrated HTML5 media player with embedded support such as youtube. It offers plenty of amazing features like podcasting SEO, migrate tool, etc.

Smart Podcast Player


Just like a name Smart Podcast Player is a smart podcast plug-in. It helps you to launch a great podcast on your WordPress site which listener surely like.

It is designing using HTML player with like, share and subscriber button. So listeners will find it easy and enjoy each episode of the podcast. Users can highlight the podcast archive as well as every single episode, song and sound clip.

Seriously simple podcasting


It is a simple podcast plugin provided at it is developed by integrates with castors podcasting hosting services., but you do not need to use the castos service. It uses the native WordPress interface to allow you to add and manage WordPress podcasts with the minimal setting.

Using this plugin, you can run multiple podcasts from the same website. It updated version comes with a newly redesigned media player where you can add podcast image and customize it.

In addition, it has full support for almost podcast services and feed centers include iTunes, Google Play and Sticher.

Libsyn podcasting


Libsyn is a most popular podcast service in the market include Libsyn hosting and plugin. Using the Libsyn podcasting plugin you can connect your Libsyn account and start publishing podcast easily.

It allows you to create an episode, draft, and schedule a website post. You can upload your podcast files directly Libsyn to your WordPress dashboard.

It allows you to connect with various platforms such as apple podcast, Google podcast.



Buzzsprout is a full-fledged podcasting service that lets you host and promote your podcast. It is a premium solution but you can use its free plan.

It is simple and easy to understand interface where you can create a podcast and add episode. If you upload in the audio file it automatically optimizes the file with industry best practice. Users can create a podcast on as apple podcast, Google podcast.

Simple podcast press


It is a very simple podcast plugin in WordPress. This plugin works as a podcast player and automation tool. It can automatically publish the podcast episode on your site. For this, you have to enter the podcast URL for once and the plugin automatically fetches the latest podcast episode and publishes it.

On top of that, it is a mobile-friendly player. It includes a share and subscriber button. You can broadcast on apple podcast, Google podcast, Pandora,etc. the out of the box feature is clickable timestamps. By simply click on timestamp it’s jumping into a particular time.

It is integrated with clammer so the listener can share audio snippets on social media such as Facebook, twitter by a single click.

Podlove podcast publisher


It is mainly used to creating easy and highly expressive podcast feeds with fine-grained control over client behavior. It comes with a bundled with a subscription feature and a detailed analytic engine.

The powerful feature is that it has a custom template system. It enables you to access every piece of code related to your podcast data. So the user can change the podcast appearance.

The key point is that it is used for a modular and customizable experience.

Sermon manager


It is a No. sermon plugin in WordPress. It specially designs to help to publish sermon online. You can add a speaker series, topic, books and service type along with including podcast images. this plug-in especially targets for the market. It especially targets for the market.

Using the sermon manager fully supports apple podcast, Google podcast, etc. The audience also can share the video on a social platform such as youtube, Vimeo.

As Heard on


It allows you to display different podcasts where you have been interviewed. This helps you feature other podcasters on your website. The widget allows users to include album artwork in the sidebar on their WordPress website or a single page. Users can choose a specific image and a randomized setting. For an ever-changing display of relevant imagery that related to a specific podcast channel.

You will have to find the album art of the podcast you want to display and upload images manually.

Feature podcast widget


It allows you to feature a podcast episode in our WordPress sidebar. If you choose a bulberry power press podcast player, then you maybe use this.

It is integrated with a power press platform offering users the ability to show featured podcast episodes in the app.


Publishing a podcast can be a challenge but with the help of the right podcast plug-in, it has been easy. Choose the plugin who is best for your website.

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