Bootstrap 5 – Release date, Latest Feature and update of alpha version

bootstrap 5

Bootstrap is a free open source CSS framework for front end development. It is one of the most popular development tools among the web designer community. All are waiting for the new version of bootstrap. When bootstrap 5 is released.

The fundamental concept of bootstrap, grid layout, responsive content of HTML-CSS based components will probably have no change. Nevertheless, some of the things possibly change such as jQuery and the library.

Bootstrap 5 Release date

The exact release date is not announced officially. Initially after launching bootstrap, the version 2 release after 2 years. Again after a year of launching v2, the team release V3. And for the release of v4, it takes a 5 year, to make a completely different version. For the v5 the major changes in its list. The expected release in v5 could be early 2020.

The major change in Bootstrap 5

jQuery is removed

jQuery is a fast, small and feature-rich js library. It makes thing like HTML document traversal and manipulation even handling animation of ajax much similar with an easy to use API that works across a multitude of browsers. However with the trend of the single-page app with react, angular, vue jQuery is not popular anymore. So bootstrap 5 completely remove jQuery.

Documentation has rewritten Jekyll to Hugo

Jekyll is one of the oldest static site generator and it’s dropped in Bootstrap v5. In the latest version, they implement one of the fastest static site generators Hugo. Bootstrap team has made change their dependency to support this move, and implement major change.

Deprecated support for IE10

Bootstrap 5 does not continue with IE10.

Bootstrap 5 columns and rows

The bootstrap concept offered 12 column system is also available in bootstrap 5. The developer still can use the grid and layout column in bootstrap. The major advantage of it provides the most efficient solution to the issue of different screen sizes. The main focus of the change is v5 is still responsive, focuses mostly on improving performance and reduces the load time.

Responsive font size with RFS implementation

In bootstrap 5 we have enabled responsive font sizes by default allowing the text to scale more naturally across device and viewports size.

Included features are:
  • Responsive font size enable by default
  • Utility API integration
  • The spacing utility applied fluid rescaling
  • Drop utility: .font-size-sm, .font-size-base, .font-size-lg, .font-size-xl
  • New utility : .text-sm, .text-base, .text-lg, .text-xl

Bootstrap 5 alpha

According to the source declare the bootstrap alpha released at the end of the year 2019, but considering the development status, it probably releases in 2020.

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