Best WordPress plug-in for website

WordPress plug-in

Who prefer pizza without cheese and sauces like that without WordPress plug-in who prefer the WordPress website.

A WordPress plug-in is one of the great tools to extend website functionality to WordPress. These plug-ins are added awesome functionality to your website.

The website niche determines which types of plug-in needs on your website. WordPress offers various types of plug-ins for your business.

Here, we discuss some of the WordPress plug-ins for a website that are the most essential plug-ins for creating a WordPress website. Continue reading “Best WordPress plug-in for website”

How to make a responsive website?

how to make a responsive website

If you want to survive the competition in the online world nowadays, then it is important that you build a responsive website. The days have gone when the people only have a single method to access website, i.e. desktop. Now, they access them through a great variety of devices like mobile, tablets, etc. Moreover, Google has even started to give preference to the websites with responsive design in the search engine rankings. However, the real question is “how to make a responsive website”. 犀利士
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React JS VS Angular JS VS Vue JS

React JS VS Angular JS VS Vue JS

With so many choices in this day and age, especially in choosing frameworks, there are many to choose from. Choosing a tech stack becomes a struggle because you need to take all the factors such as budget, time, app size, project objectives, and resources into consideration. Whether you are a beginner, a freelancer, a developer, a project architect, or a resource manager, it is a wise idea to get to know the plus and minus points of each framework in detail. To decide the best one you will have to rely upon the scope and the programming framework’s compatibility with your needs regarding your project, etc. Continue reading “React JS VS Angular JS VS Vue JS”

Top 10 Image Optimization Tools to Boost Website Speed

Image Optimization tools

If you want to boost the performance of your site, then there is a need for proper images on it. Not even a single person can imagine their site without an image. However, the images should be properly optimized if you don’t want to affect the speed of your site. If you are confused about how to complete this process, then you are in the right place. Continue reading “Top 10 Image Optimization Tools to Boost Website Speed”

20 Best Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kits in 2021 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

free bootstrap UI kits

free bootstrap UI kits – Bootstrap 4 is one of the most recognized versions of the CSS framework launched with plenty of modifications in comparison with the previous versions. It is an impressive option that can build pretty impressive site designs. Are you looking to know which one is the best free bootstrap 4 UI kit available? Continue reading “20 Best Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kits in 2021 (FREE DOWNLOAD)”

10+ Best FREE WordPress Landing Page Themes and Templates 2021

WordPress Landing Page Themes

WordPress Landing Page Themes – The overall marketing campaigns are greatly affected due to the way a landing page gets created. We can call it an awesome method for showcasing the latest product in the portfolio.

Moreover, the visitors become successful in seeing images, testimonials, and videos of a particular platform in a single place. There are hundreds of the best free WordPress landing page themes available on the internet, but you must have proper information about them. Continue reading “10+ Best FREE WordPress Landing Page Themes and Templates 2021”

5 Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins

best wordpress drag and drop page builder

Are you looking to develop and customize your WordPress site without any need for external help? If yes, then it is important to stay aware about WordPress page builder plugins. Don’t worry even if you don’t have enough information them. We have created this post for helping readers to the best possible level. Using WordPress page builders; you can develop, edit and even customize the layout of the website without worrying about the coding process. Continue reading “5 Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins”