Best Material-UI React Design Admin Templates

material ui

Material Design by Google is a perfect choice for building web applications and admin dashboards. In this post, we have collected the best Material-UI React Design Admin Templates which are available for free download as well as premium quality admin templates that are easy to customize and offer good support.

Material design is a design language developed by Google. The purpose of the Material design was to unify their product interfaces. Material UI consists of components, which made with React technology. You can use them separately, which means, that you can have in your app only the number of styles, which it uses. This design technology doesn’t need any library since it is pure CSS. So, we can see now, that Material UI gives you an opportunity to get components, which you want to work with.

Also, there are many resources and excellent community support for Material design. Thus, it makes development pretty fast. Most of the templates will focus on cleaner, well-written codes, along with mobile-responsive layouts. Let’s find out Best Material-UI React Design Admin Templates.

Berry – React Admin Dashboard 


CodedThemes launches new react material-based Admin dashboard which is -BERRY. Using the Material-UI library to build faster, beautiful, and more accessible React applications. Berry is SEO Optimized and compatible with all major browsers(such as Mozilla, Chrome) and devices(Tablet, laptop). The template comes with a Light dark version which is easy to access. 


  • Build on Material-UI
  • Rich design
  • Based on React-hook
  • Fast loading
  • Light dark version

Mantis MUI Admin Template


Mantis newest premium MUI Admin Template based on React. If you are loooking for developer-friendly, rich with features, and highly customisable dashbord then mantis perfect choice for you. Save lot of time by using this pre-built page. Create beautiful website and give best to your clients.


  • Material UI v5 components library
  • React Hooks API
  • Axios
  • Vite
  • Code Splitting
  • CSS-in-JS

Materially ReactJS Admin Dashboard


Materially Dashboard follows Google’s Material Design guidelines, to design professional and elegant looking design. It comes with a fine collection of components and pre-built pages that are neatly designed and organized. It is created to include only the components that one would need to create a fully functional dashboard. Material Dash Pro is the perfect choice for kick-start your project with Material design in no time.


  • Unique components including Data Tables, Maps, Calendar, Breadcrumbs
  • RTL support
  • Light Dark Version
  • Support all modern browsers
  • Fully documentation

Able Pro

able pro

Able Pro is a super powerful and flexible react admin template built using the Google Material UI concept. It comes with a pre-built app such as Email, TO-do, Maps, Charts, Contact, etc. it comes with a prebuilt dashboard layout.


  • Uses latest Material UI components
  • Lazy loading and RTL support
  • Material UI v5 components library
  • Authentication Methods – Auth0, Firebase, JWT, AWS

React Material admin

react material

React Material admin is React dashboard template built using Material  UI framework without using query and bootstrap instead of its uses unique Material  UI-components, which make this template look beautifully designed. For making your work easier, Material Admin is fully responsive and constantly updated with new elements.

The template will be a great start to build a front end for SAAS, E-commerce, IOT dashboard, or whatever web app you like.


  • Basic Dashboard
  • Notification Bar
  • Basic Tables
  • Authentication
  • Fully responsive

Material Pro


Material Pro is a beautiful and powerful Material design-based admin dashboard.  It is a fully responsive admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap Framework, HTML5 & CSS3, and Media Query. The admin template has 120+ UI Components.


  • 6 color schemes
  • Dark & Light Sidebar
  • SaSSBase CSS
  • Multiple file uploads
  • Easy to customize

Material Dashboard React


Material Dashboard React is a free Material-UI React Design Admin Templates with a fresh, new design inspired by Google’s Material Design. The general layout includes multiple pages. The template can be used in 5 different color schemes, and what is more – you can even add the background image you like. Material Dashboard React goes in both demo and pro versions.


  • Built over the popular Material -UI v3.1.0 framework
  • 200 components and 28 example pages
  • 10 customized plug-in and 5 color filter choices
  • Option for the background image in sidebar
  • Navigation on the left sidebar

Material Kit React

material kit

Material Kit React is a Free Material -UI@4.1.0 Kit that comes with a fresh, new design inspired by Google’s Material design.  It uses light, surface, and movement as well as deliberate color choice, edge-to-edge imagery, and large scale typography. The general layout resembles sheets of paper following multiple different layers.


  • Free Material kit
  • 60 handcrafted element
  • 4 customized plug-ins and 3 example pages
  • Large scale typography
  • Color variation

Jumbo React Admin Dashboard

jumbo Material-UI React Design Admin Templates

Jumbo React is a react based Material UI based admin template that follows Google Material designing concept helps you build your application faster, precisely, and cost-effectively. Apart from the Material UI, jumbo has a lot of other libraries like Coremat-Pro, Redux, Storybook, ReCharts, and many more.


  • 7 dashboards, 150+ widgets
  • Six navigation styles and six built-in apps
  • Ready to use light, semi-dark and dark shades
  • Fully responsive
  • RTL and multilingual support



Primer is a creative Material Design admin template built for React. It comes out of the box with support for RTL and comes with light and dark color schemes. It is built using the amazing Material -UI library and can easily be customized to suit your own specific needs.


  • Light and dark themes
  • Fully responsive RTL support
  • AOT compilation
  • JSS styling
  • Easy to customize

Ammie React Material UI dashboard


Ammie is a react admin template based on React Components is created using Material UI Framework.  It’s the most convenient template for developers, because of React Components, clean code, and detailed documentation, which allow you to build any projects easily! Use it for e-commerce, analytics, and other types of web Applications.


  • Fully responsive layout
  • SaaS powered
  • Responsive navigation menu
  • Google and vector maps
  • Form validation

Reactify Material-UI React Design Admin Templates


Reactify is a developer-friendly powerful reactjs template that follows Google’s Material design concept. It is fully responsive and supports RTL languages with an integrated language translation method. It provides ready to use components, widgets, and pages which makes it super easy to build a new admin panel as per requirement. Reactify comes with pre-integrated API methods that provide you the power to build your dynamic listing pages with ease.


  • API integration-ready
  • Developer friendly architecture
  • Multi-level menu
  • Firebase authentication
  • Fully responsive

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