Web Designing trends that blow your mind

Web Designing trends

Web Designing trends constantly changing. Technical and creativity do not measure. So, it’s an endless possibility to invent a new one. At the same time, some old stuff is never replaceable such as color scheme, and font style.

1)Dark mode

The dark mode is top of the trend in 2020. That mainly focuses on UI design giving the user an option to enable dark mode. Its designs not only look modern but eye-catching and add thrill to your website. Dark background improves the visibility of other colors and creates a dynamic design. Dark color combined with neon gives a futuristic yet dark cyberpunk style and look.

2)Text rule

Content is the king of any website and searches engine-optimized content is the most important part of the website. The text combine with the typography gives the amazing look. The text-only trend intriguing that removing the background image and just work using typography.

3)Immersive 3D element

3D element is always winning when it comes to attracting user attention. 3D is expensive previously, but now it’s not expensive. The designer can roam in 3D space. All 3D gives the all-new experience an immersive experience.

4)Mixing photography and graphics

Photography and graphics collaboration are top of the trend in the designing industry. Use real photograph mixing with illustration and gives the message. It’s used by various promotional events and social awareness, social banner overlapping. Original graphics with the top photograph create a memorable visual effect.

5)Vintage-inspired color and typography

It’s throwback time. The vintage look is always attractive and special in terms of design and graphics. This is influenced by media, magazines, and television. Nowadays, instead of complete the whole website contains designer provides a choose a theme option such as vintage, classic, light-dark, etc.

6)Geometric shapes and pattern

In 2019 organic shapes on-trend in the designing industry, to forward this Designing trends in 2020 geometric shapes are top of the trends. Geometric shapes combined with the animation effect is the hero of the site, especially you are working on children related site such as education, art, and craft.

7)Trigger animation

When we thought about animation, we see them happening on their own, independent action not required. A growing web designing trend animation triggered by some type of input triggered by a visitor. Combine user interaction with animation is the most adventurous and exciting things.

8)Trendy color scheme

A color scheme and combination of color always play a major role when we design the website. A color scheme decided via which type of the website it is such as if your website is company-related a classy combination is better (such as white and blue) if your website runs on fashion related a vibrant color is preferred (such as black, grey, orange, and multi-color). A trendy color combination involves a dusty and blue color scheme.

9)Black and white

Time to get rewinded, the black and white era is back. Returning with the vintage theme, black and white are also in trend in the design world. In 2020 we will see more design and experiment with having no color or sticking between black and white color. The theme makes the website classy, sophisticated as well as modern. The black and white themes specially used in documentary and feature films.

10)Line art

Line art is totally hit in all the graphics design field. It’s made for the web design. The website with line art looks professional, clean and super creative. When we work related finance company line art display static information effectively.

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