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You want to make your own website, but don’t have any technical knowledge. Hiring a professional developer takes lots of money and time it increases the cost of the website. Page builder for WordPress now makes it possible to create a stunning website without any technical knowledge or coding skill.

Why drag-drop page builder uses:

In WordPress, themes come with a different type of layout. Most of them are difficult to customize without technical knowledge and basic coding skill (such as HTML and CSS). Most of the premium themes offer a ton of feature for customization, but there are complex for a normal user.

A simple WordPress page builder plug-in gives you the ability to built custom layout and landing pages on your site. With a page builder, you can use any type of content and feature using a simple drag-drop option.

Page builder can not only be used by a beginner but it’s also used by professionals to speed up the process.

Here, let’s check the top 5 Page builder for WordPress websites.

1) Beaver Builder


Beaver builder is a more user-friendly WordPress page builder available in the market. It is extremely fast and comes with an onboarding guideline tour to help you. It contains a visual editor that displays a live preview.

In the beaver builder, you can add almost everything such as slider, background, content block, button, carousel, etc. All are ready to use, you can customize each module with an easy-to-use toolbar at the top for customization.

Beaver comes with a 30 professional design template, using this template makes it super easy and fast to create a stunning website. It’s available both free and premium versions. If you want to create a single-page website such as landing page go with a free version and if you want to create a feature-rich website go with a premium version.

Price: $99 for unlimited site

2)Divi builder


Divi builder is another powerful WordPress drag and drop builder. It has a visual composer just like a beaver builder or you can say WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get) which shows the preview your design and built a website.

Divi comes with a 20 layout template that is suitable for all types of websites. It’s easy to customize, just drag-drop (such as content editor, module, etc) and show the live preview without save.

It comes with a 46 content module. You can arrange them into 3 sections type, 20-row type, and customize each element using advance setting design.

With the help of Divi, you can create a custom page layout within a minute. You can install and export layout into another Divi installer.

The main benefit of purchasing Divi is that you will get access to the entire bundle of products.

Price: $89 per year (Also lifetime plan available)



Elementor is one of the most powerful and popular website page builder plug-ins in the market. It is a live page builder plug-in which means you can see the live preview of content and design which you have edited.

In elementor, you can find 80 design element including tons of widget and most commonly used website elements. Elementor comes with a ready-to-use template, you can edit the template, customize it. Even you can see the live preview of your change on your website.

Elementor comes with a variety of widgets and also allows you to created by other WordPress plug-ins.

The best feature is that it is fully responsive and looks great on every device.

Price: $49 for every single site.

4)Visual composer WordPress builder


Visual composer WordPress builder is a user friendly and powerful drag-drop website builder that provides stunning front-end development experience.

It comes with a drag-drop builder as well as a content element professional template with a powerful host feature.

This plug-in allows you to edit your logo, menu, header, footer, etc. it comes with a bundle of the professional template and customizes the look of any element. User has control of all the aspect of the website such as border, background, spaces, parallax effect, etc.

It is best for beginners and developers, a beginner can easily create a website, and professionals can improve a website.

Price: $59 for a single web site

5)Themify  builder


Themify is a popular WordPress theme shop that comes with a built-in themify builder. For other non-themify WordPress themes, you can get the themify page builder plug-in.

Themify builder includes a large collection of drag-drop module and more than 40 professional templates. It allows you to edit your page frontend as well as backend. In both type of interfaces, you can freely move the module and customize them fully. You can arrange the module in a row, column, and create a grid.

The best thing is that it’s easy to use. You can improve a layout with one click. Change its content and build an awesome landing page within a few seconds.

It comes with a 60+ animation effect. Its the major advantage is it’s free of cost but you can addon bundle for an advanced module.

Price: $39 for the builder addon bundle (The core plug-in is free)

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