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When we complete the website, one of the most daunting parts is choosing the right hosting solution. There are thousands of hosting providers available in the market, each has a different package. Over the last few years, new solution has made available in the hosting section called managed hosting. (In this solution, manage to host is a type of internet hosting where client lease entire server not shared with anyone else: This hosting is most popular nowadays).

In this article, we will discuss what is the best hosting solution for your website, how to choose the best solution for your site According to your requirement.

Definition of web hosting

Hosting service that allows individual and organization to make their website accessible via the www (World Wide Web). The website is hosted and stored on a special computer called a server. All website file is store in a server securely called a data center.

When internet user wants to see your website, they can access the website through a website address or domain name (Ex: Domain name: Their computer connected to the server and your web page will be delivered to them through the browser.


There are various type of hosting available

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Virtual Private Server(VPS)
  3. Dedicated Server Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting
  5. Managed Hosting

Hosting companies require that your own domain in order to host with them. If you want to host, you required domain name.

There is some feature you should expect from your hosting provider.

E-mail Account

Most hosting provider requires the user to have own domain name with e-mail account feature provide by hosting company. You can create your company domain name and e-mail address.

FTP access

The use of the FTP upload file from your local computer to your web server. You can transfer the file via FTP.

WordPress Support

WordPress is an online website creation tool used to create a responsive website. It is a powerful CMS (Content Management System) which is a convenient way to create and manage the website.

Hosting feature

The website Cpanel is the place where you can change a website and configure the hosting services. The hosting panel usually shared hosting customers with a skinned version of Cpanel. From the Cpanel, you can manage your database file, configuration file, check statics, manage security, and install an app.

From a configuration point of view, manage WordPress hosting companies offer customers less control panel using “Kinsta”. These simplify user interface with fewer options available.

The hosting cost

The hosting cost comes at a different price. The price depends on various types of features.

Let’s check out the hosting plan packages






flywheel annual

[Flywheel Annual Pricing]

flywheel monthly

[Flywheel Monthly Pricing]



Comparison between shared and managed hosting

Shared hosting

Shared web hosting services refers to web hosting services where web servers connected to the internet. It is a type of web hosting where a single physical server host multiple websites. Many users utilize the resources on a single server, which keeps the low cost.

Shared hosting is not preferable when your website has high traffic. Because the same resources share with multiple users, it becomes to reduce the speed of the website.


Managed(Dedicated) hosting

Managed hosting is a server or service that is a type of internet hosting where the client leases the entire server and not shared with anyone else.

A managed hosting generally preferred large organizations or companies required to manage web hosting service because of security and data privacy.


The major difference between them has a shared hosting server shared with multiple resources whereas managing hosting servers managed by online one user.


The second difference is shared hosting reduced the speed of the website, whereas manage hosting is fast loading and extremely responsive.

The third point is a device shared with multiple resources whereas manage hosting devices not shared with anyone else.

Forth point is shared hosting does not provide data security whereas manage to host provide data security so share hosting prefers when data privacy is not so important while managed hosting prefer large corporation or organization.

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