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deal of the year – Hello, are you looking for the best admin template with the lowest price than others? I am here with a piece of very good news related to the Admin Template. Project Developers, IT Agencies, and all others who are looking for a new admin Dashboard template for their next project, not an issue anymore. CodedThemes have brought a huge off on all their templates.

A discount of the year Independence Day Sale is coming. On this Independence Day of India 14th &15th of August, there will be a flat 50% off on all Admin Templates. The sale starts on 14 August 2019 at midnight, It will run for 48 hours with a sales discount of a flat 50% off on all prices.

CodedThemes is one of the best admin template developers in the market. We provide the best quality templates with developer-friendly and well-commented code structure.

At CodedThemes they develop admin panels in different categories like Bootstrap Admin Template, Angular Admin Template, React Admin Template, Bundle. All this backend application is highly developed and tested in a real device and also provides world-class satisfying support to any queries related to Admin Templates. – deal of the year

[ deal of the year ]

All admin templates come with unique predesign dashboard layouts like the Analytics dashboard, Sales dashboard, Project management dashboard, Help desk, E-commerce, and many more layouts. All this Admin panel Layout comes with different page layouts like Vertical, horizontal, Light & Dark, RTL, etc…

Live customizer and many more components come with the admin panel template. Which makes the user complete their project at a time without any hazard.

All these things at just 50% for 2 days, isn’t it is a really big deal offer? So don’t fail to get all these things at just half of the price for your admin dashboard project.

Datta Able Bootstrap Admin Template – deal of the year


Datta Able Bootstrap Admin Template is the most-liked and installed template over other categories of it. It is purchased 15k+ times and still on

Download Now Live Demo

Gradient Able Bootstrap Admin Template


Gradient Able Bootstrap version is liked most with 1.9k sales.

Download Now Live Demo

Material Able Bootstrap Admin Template


Material Able Bootstrap admin template is sold 122+ times and going on.

Download Now Live Demo

Mash Able Bootstrap Admin Template


The Mash Able Bootstrap Admin is sold 1.5k+ times and still in trend.

Download Now Live Demo

Flash Able Bootstrap Admin Template


The Flash Able bootstrap admin template is accepted by 87+ users till now and still going on.

Download Now Live Demo

Guru Able Admin Template


Guru Able admin template is the most loved template from CodedThemes by 4.2k sales which is still going on.

Download Now Live Demo

Datta Able Angular Admin Template


Datta Able Angular Admin Template is used and installed over 475+ angular dashboard projects and still, it is increasing.

Download Now Live Demo

Gradient Able Angular Admin Template

gradient-able-an - deal of the year

Gradient Able Angular admin template is other most likely angular dashboard template and has 1.5k+ satisfied customers till now and is still counting.

Download Now Live Demo

Mash Able Angular Admin Template

mash-able - deal of the year

Mash Able Angular is the other very likely angular admin template by 1.4k+ end-users of CodedThemes

Download Now Live Demo

Datta Able React Admin Template

datta-react - deal of the year

Datta Able React is loved by 880+ customers and the number is increasing day by day.

Download Now Live Demo

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