Best CRM plug-in to boost your online business


The hardest part is to find a customer and maintaining customer engagement to collect data and maintaining them.  The idea behind CRM is a maintain customer relationship management. There is always a need for CRM to maintain your business activity. And CRM is the best way to build and thrive in it. To maintain CRM easily CRM plug-in used.

What is CRM? And why do you need a CRM plug-in?

The major goal of running a business is money and for money, it’s needed for sales. To achieve sales, you must need better services and customer satisfaction. CRM plays a pivotal role in providing effective communication between you and your customer.

For effective communication with your customer, you need to have CRM Plugin on your WordPress website. Here, are the best CRM plug-in for your business.




UkuuPeople is probably the best WordPress CRM plug-in which is simple. It binds all your contact into one master list which makes it easy and organizes. You can divide your customer in accordance with your customer. The best thing is that you can check the demo version. Via the demo, you can test the plugin by

  • Creating a contact form
  • Creating a donation page
  • Try to sell a product
  • Building a mailing list
  • Creating a client account page




UpiCRM is a free WordPress CRM plugin and management solution. It can easily be integrated with any of the existing tools. It is perfect to assign the lead to any of your team members. It also supports URL Tagging in order to identify traffic sources of any website.

UpiCRM is ideal for analysis, tracking, and marketing effectiveness. You can also export all your data to MS Excel to create your own version of the analyzed data.




WP ERP is one of the free CRM, HRM, and accounting solutions for the WordPress website. It is a smooth lead, community, and opportunity listing.


  • Company profile listing
  • Innovative logging feature
  • Easily activity overview
  • Create a schedule and email notification

WordPress Leads



It is a wonderful WordPress plugin and it’s free of cost. Feature of WordPress CRM plugin can be

  • Inbuilt visual form builder
  • Automatic collect and submitted data
  • Track a potential lead
  • Sync with third-party CRM

WordPress lead is a free plugin designed as a framework to help to collect, manage, and store leads & contact info for better understanding the lead collected by their website.

DX Sales CRM



First, it is free of cost and second, it is very organized and highly interactive.


  • Enables you to deal with your customer data
  • Bolster your services offering to your customers
  • Simple dashboard and reports
  • Create a self-service portal

WP-CRM – CRM plug-in

wp CRM plug-in


WP-CRM is designed to improve your user management significantly. It is free of cost.


  • Awesome editing, filtering and user organization
  • Add new attributes to your customer’s details
  • Contact forms for front end




Zero BS CRM is a hybrid approach to self-host your own CRM. With this plug-in on your side, you can easily manage your customer, manage invoices, and quotes.


  • Interactive quote builder
  • Manage and add companies with B2B mode
  • Easy 4-minute install
  • Sleek and smooth with a mobile device


Zero BS CRM allows you to analyze the cause of more sales so that you can thrive on your methodologies. It allows you to connect with your potential customers without the middle layer.

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