The latest graphic design trends

design trend

As you notice past few year designs have been dominated by a bold –color, mind-blowing gradient. Passing the time it becomes more reserved, harmonious and natural. Here are some graphic design trends that rock in an upcoming year.

3D depth and realism


The 3D design is top-notch in 2020, and the trend does not fade away quickly. Thanks to modern technology and software capability, we will keep seeing more awesome 3D graphics design.

The best trick order to be more creative, design combine with realistic such as photo and 2 Dimension object.


Going monochrome


Monochrome is a famous ancient concept and future trend for web designing. Lastly, we have been seeing a tendency of graphic design using a monochrome color effect on an image.

A monochrome color filter widely used on photo or patricidal elements in graphics composition.


Shiny metal


Before we used a simple and classy color, but now the trend is changed. Shiny and glossy color and effect is top on the trend. A shiny design material in graphics design has established as ultra trending for brand identity and product design. In metallic designed focus fall on the metallic effect itself.

According to the trend, the designer mostly uses gold and luxury color for a metallic effect. The material design includes shiny and matt surfaces. To make the effect even more impressive branding specialists.




Typography is the latest graphic design trends in order to create more innovative and modern compositions, designers playing with typography. It is Decorated with beautiful flowers, geographic shapes, and creative elements.

Artistic typography is a perfect solution to gain attention. It is a result of maxi typography and design trend. Some of the things come with artistic typography such as thickness, the rule is the thicker, the better and heavy font.

Typography comes with drawing shapes. A shape can be 2 dimensions and even 3 dimensions. A big creation is a create a 3D object with a word such as a cube, stairs, etc.

Semi transparency is trendy. We will be seeing it in different forms. Section of word overlapping one another.


Image and Text masking


Image and text masking is not new in design but in 2020 it looks quite modern.  The concept is a big part of the image unrevealed. It helps to achieve mysterious and minimalistic looks.

Nowadays, the designer will create a design combination of image and text masking.


 Line Art

line art

The trend of outline typography and element which have been quite massing, now evolving into fully illustrated and animated art patterns and design.

The line art is schematic, simplified illustrated style such as great for conveying the concept. It looks like a clean and elegant design.

Line Art is a perfect decoration style in graphics design.

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