Best React hook library for front end developer 2021

React hook library


React’s hook API is a must for creating components. It coexists alongside the class component API, which lets us create components with JavaScript classes. As well as standard Hooks that come with the React library, developers can create their own Hooks. Unsurprisingly, many custom Hooks libraries have since popped up to make creating React apps even easier. In this article, we will know about Best React hook library 2021.

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How to create and implement a Custom Hook in React application?

Custom Hook


In simple terms React Hooks are functions. When you include them in your component or within another Hook, they allow you to make use of React internals and parts of the React lifecycle with native Hooks like useState and useEffect.

What is a Custom Hook?

A Custom Hook allows you to extract some components’ logic into a reusable function.

Custom Hooks are nothing but a JavaScript function, use while creating a React app. If we have common logic that we want to share between components then we use custom Hooks. The main goal is creating code reusability.

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React Hook – what it brings to the development

React Hook


React Hooks were introduced at React conf oct, 2018as a way to use state and side effects in React function components. The React Hook APIs provide an alternative to writing class-based components and offer an alternative approach to state management and life cycle method.


Hooks are a new edition in React 16.8 that allows you to use state and other React features, like the lifecycle method without access to the class.  (React Hook brings you functional components, Hooks can do the thing once we are able to do with the class such as React local state, effect, and context has now done through useState, useEffect, useContext).

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