React JS VS Angular JS VS Vue JS

React JS VS Angular JS VS Vue JS

With so many choices in this day and age, especially in choosing frameworks, there are many to choose from. Choosing a tech stack becomes a struggle because you need to take all the factors such as budget, time, app size, project objectives, and resources into consideration. Whether you are a beginner, a freelancer, a developer, a project architect, or a resource manager, it is a wise idea to get to know the plus and minus points of each framework in detail. To decide the best one you will have to rely upon the scope and the programming framework’s compatibility with your needs regarding your project, etc.

JavaScript frameworks are being updated at a fast pace and are being developed just as fast. Which means new frameworks are also being developed at the same time before there were two React JS and Angular JS, but now a new player has emerged- the Vue JS.

React JS VS Angular JS VS Vue JS – Pros and Cons

To know which one is the most suitable for your needs, here are the advantages and disadvantages of each:

React JS

React JS React JS VS Angular JS VS Vue JS


  • It is a JavaScript library for ease of building UI components for web applications.
  • It has a high satisfaction rate and is popular
  • It is backed by Twitter, Paypal, Facebook, Udemy, Netflix, Uber, the Walmart and many such more organizations.
  • It has a great community and helpline; it is easy to learn since its syntax is simple to understand.
  • It is highly flexible and responsive.
  • Redux and react-native are also very successful tools and are very helpful.
  • With React the data flow from the child elements cannot affect the parent data.
  • The React JavaScript library get many updates every day and improvements contributed by developers all around the world.


  • Since the React JavaScript get fast updates and development, there is no place for proper documentation.
  • React is not properly controlled, which means that the developers have too much choice which can be a bit of a headache at some time.
  • React is easy to use but it takes a long time for its mastery, it requires deep knowledge. For example, to integrate user interface to the MVC framework, it takes time to master.

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Angular JS

Angular JS React JS VS Angular JS VS Vue JS


  • Google backs it so we can expect lots of updates and improvements.
  • It is a popular framework for front-end developers and is used by giant organizations such as Forbes, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many fortune 500 companies.
  • It provides detailed documentation that allows the individual developer to get the necessary information without having to ask his fellow developers he is working with.
  • Data binding is possibly mad two-way to reduce the risks of possible errors in the framework.


  •    Developers tend to hate Angular since it has a high learning curve.
  •    Migration issues which appear when moving from the older version to the newer version.
  •    If Google does not change some changes, it does not have a bright future.

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Vue JS

Vue JS React JS VS Angular JS VS Vue JS


  •    It is the fastest growing and most-discussed JavaScript frameworks.
  •    It can be used to develop more attractive User Interfaces using the regular HTML, CSS style sheets, and JavaScript.
  •    Often used by giant corporations like Alibaba, GitLab, and Baidu.
  •    Like Angular, it has detailed documentation which can hasten the learning curve for developers.
  •    It has adaptability, i.e., the ability to switch from other frameworks to Vue.
  •    Due to its tiny size of around 20KB, Vue is rapidly fast and flexible, that allows better performance compared to other frameworks.
  •    It can be used to build single page applications and more difficult web interfaces.


  •    Vue is not backed by any big companies, which is crucial for the growth of the framework.
  •    It still does not have many users and hence only have a small market share in comparison with Angular and React.
  •    Due to its high flexibility, there can also be the problem of over-flexibility which means issues while integrating projects.
  •    The Documentation is still not widely spread in English, which is hoped to be fully translated into the language soon.

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If you still did not know what to choose between the three, if you like flexibility and loves JavaScipt then opt for React, for coding and object-oriented programming go for Angular if you like clean codes and separation of concerns in the app go for Vue. Vue is mainly used for a small team with a small project. If the project is large and has a bright future ahead go for either Angular or React.