CodedThemes Partnership with Appseed


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Appseed. Appseed provides free & premium Admin templates, UI kits & Static sites on various technology stack like Flask, Django, Jinja, Vuejs,  React, Bulma, Express, Laravel & Gatsbyjs frameworks.

The technologies they are building products are really high-end & well maintained by the team behind Appseed. There are various reasons to choose Appseed are following

  • Free products to choose before purchase premium products.
  • Well maintained & regularly updated product portfolio.
  • Their Support is really worth it via email & discord channel.
  • Github repositories to stay connected with Appseed community.

At CodedThemes we believe that this partnership is worth anything to develop our products in the above-highlighted frameworks that define the new scope towards our user base.

Here is a list of CodedThemes’s Admin Templates developed in Django, Flask frameworks.

Datta Able Flask & Django Admin Template

Gradient Able Flask & Django Admin Template

Useful links where you follow Appseed on various platform

At CodedThemes we always curious to give the best digital products to our customers and always open to works with the different technology stacks. Our collaboration to Appseed is not only for business but we also maintain a healthy ecosystem towards our users & customers to give valued products, pre-after sales technical support. We are very much thankful to Appseed team for this partnership.