Best 9 Angular Admin Dashboard, Templates & Themes

Angular Admin Dashboard, Templates & Themes

Angular Admin Dashboard Template is a collection of the admin panel template page of the best angular admin dashboard template. If clients required quick and seamless adoption of HTML JS Library angular js compatibility is best.

The main goal is to use an angular template is a developer can focus on writing code rather than writing intricate code.

We recommended some of the awesome angular admin templates that you can use to create an awesome admin panel for your website.


screencapture berrydashboard io angular default analytics 2024 02 09 15 05 01 Angular Admin Dashboard

When it comes to dashboards and web applications. One of the first things you notice is the design. It must be of sufficient quality; otherwise, you risk losing potential users due to poor design.

Berry is the most popular Angular template based on NodeJs. It is the best choice for long-term projects requiring the highest security and maintainability.

It delivers everything necessary to kick-start your next project. Berry uses pre-configured apps, form validation, event calendar, different charts, and numerous pages to guarantee that everyone gets the most out of it with minimal effort.

Gradient Able

screencapture codedthemes demos admin templates gradient able angular default dashboard analytics 2024 02 09 17 23 48 Angular Admin Dashboard

Boost your workflow with Gradient Able, the great combination of simplicity and creativity. It is a tool full of goodies that will work for your project like a dream.

The features is extensive, it just not include what is necessary but many more. A few features that include with gradient able are pleasing page layouts, color schemes, charts, google maps, a smart menu, a dark mode, ratings, and validation forms.

Datta Able

screencapture codedthemes demos admin templates datta able angular default dashboard default 2024 02 09 17 13 24 Angular Admin Dashboard

Datta able is an all-around admin templates that comes in different styles. With the Datta you can easily go to extremes with customizing adjustments. 

The angular dashboard is powerful enough to fit any idea you have, no matter how challenging. It ensures an always pleasing experience with colors, typography, and overall amazing design. 

Mantis Angular Admin Template

screencapture mantisdashboard io angular default dashboard default 2024 02 09 15 06 41 Angular Admin Dashboard

If you are looking to build a powerful and practical admin for your web application, Mantis is the best option for you.

The angular template is light weight, fully responsive, includes ready to use pre-built pages, components, unique dashboard, layout, etc.,

It is based on a modern responsive design, which allows it to be easily customised. It works smoothly on all modern devices and web browsers, offering a consistently high-quality experience.

Next angular admin dashboard template

next angular 8 template

 Next is one of the most stylish angular admin dashboard template. It comes with a high feature and collection of rich pages and components with a fully developer-centric code.

The next admin template has all in one dashboard represent the data visually. It’s come with a variety of UI elements and form elements. More ever it also comes with a different page layout.

The most essential feature is the Apex chart. It represents the data in a different type of chart which shows in radiant color.

A Next angular admin template rendering fast in all major browsers, and its admin panel is fully responsive in all devices.

Admin pro angular admin template

adminpro template

Admin pro is used for the create admin dashboard and control admin panel. Admin pro is fully responsive and based on the angular framework.

Different types of design such as modern, classic, and analytical. It includes various types of page layouts such as dark, horizontal, RTL Layout, a real-time app like chatting and ticket generation, Google map integration 

metronic admin template

Metronic is a simple and classic admin dashboard template build in angular 8. Metronic is a feature-rich template it has a general as well as network components.

Metronic provides custom search, user notification, events, logs, and a multi-language option.

It is mainly used for E-commerce website design if you use a Metronic admin dashboard template to create an e-commerce website you don’t have to waste time to customize it or change anything,  most important thing in an e-commerce website is User Interface (UI) Metronic comes with a bright and radiant color so the user gets a rich experience.


fuse template

Fuse is a great kick start for your new project. Fuse angular uses the pre-built ready-to-use page layout making it extremely easy to switch out individual page design and create a new app. It maintains a page consistent across your app.

A Fuse comes with a real-time app like chatting. Fuse has a variety of different pages that are built to speed development.

The unique feature of Fuse is “Knowledgebase”, Fuse has a well-commented and structure source code for a beginner or seasoned angular developer, also fuse has a flexible layout per route. It’s easy to create simple and complex layout together like a login page and scrum board app.