Top 6 wordpress slider plug-ins


To find a perfect slider it is not an easy task. At last, WordPress has 900+ slider repositories. Adding a slider on your website seems to be trendy now. The slider gives the website a modern look. The developer won’t have time to check each one. In this article. I will share with you the most popular and useful slider plug-ins list, that suitable your business requirement.

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Image plug-ins for WordPress website

Image plug-ins

A plug-in is a group of functions that can be added to WordPress for additional functionality to your website. there are many plug-ins available in WordPress such as Caching, subscription, SEO, Analytics, Social media integration, Image Plug-ins.

Generally, the WordPress plug-in writes in PHP Language and is integrated with WordPress. WordPress has a plug-in for everything. you can add functionality without writing a single line code.

As a site admin, you can install/uninstall plug-ins in the admin section. You can also download the plugin manually and install them.

Although major plug-ins are free and they can do what you want to do. Choose the plugin according to your requirements.

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20 Best Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kits in 2021 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

free bootstrap UI kits

free bootstrap UI kits – Bootstrap 4 is one of the most recognized versions of the CSS framework launched with plenty of modifications in comparison with the previous versions. It is an impressive option that can build pretty impressive site designs. Are you looking to know which one is the best free bootstrap 4 UI kit available? Continue reading “20 Best Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kits in 2021 (FREE DOWNLOAD)”

Top 7 Best JavaScript Frameworks in 2021

Best JavaScript Frameworks

Are you looking to get started with the JavaScript development, but didn’t know from where to begin? Let’s face it as the majority of people have to deal with such an issue and they find it cumbersome to choose from the best JavaScript frameworks.

It is one of the perfect platforms for creating a dynamic modern application, eCommerce, real-time chat, and many more. Continue reading “Top 7 Best JavaScript Frameworks in 2021”

Best Top 10 Icon Fonts for your Projects

Top 10 Icon Fonts

Top 10 Icon Fonts – Earlier, symbols and icons on the internet were displayed as images. Even though they were compatible over different browsers, they have mandated designing, cropping, and optimizing before the user could actually implement and upload them.

This in turn meant that they need to recreate those tiny images all over again whenever their website branding change. On the other hand, Icon Fonts provide a new way of using iconography with the same features and compatibility but with much better flexibility.

Fonts are generally nothing but a set of symbols that include the benefits that are provided by the CSS font properties.

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Adobe XD vs Photoshop – options for beginner UI/UX designer

Adobe XD vs Photoshop

Adobe XD & Photoshop both are useful for creating UI/UX  interface for websites, mobile apps and many more. Here I mentioned the key differences between Adobe XD vs Photoshop which really helpful for the beginner.

Till now, lots of people prefer to choose Adobe Photoshop and became the most popular choice for UI/UX designers to create web and graphic design for mobile apps and web templates. Since the release of Adobe XD, it becomes 1’st choice for UI/UX designers to create stunning designs for web and mobile projects. Continue reading “Adobe XD vs Photoshop – options for beginner UI/UX designer”