15 Best Shopify Themes for Dropshipping in 2020

Are you looking for a Shopify theme for dropshipping that boosts your business? There are lots of options available to choose from, but all of them aren’t equally useful. Always go for themes that make things easier and hassle-free for both visitors as well as owners. 

In this post, we are going to explain about the top 15 best Shopify themes for dropshipping in 2020 Let’s check out each of them and use the one that attracts you the most.


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The top pick for this post is the Korando that lets the users set up a superior eCommerce Dropshipping business quite easily. It provided a pretty responsive design that helps the website to look great on all types of devices. 



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Available in two different styles, the Brooklyn Shopify theme is an excellent choice to make. It comes with a slide-out cart that boosts the shopping experience in a variety of ways. We can say that it is a complete package that you can apply to your eCommerce store. 


Pixel Union

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If you are a startup and want to attract the visitors, then we will suggest going for the Pixel Union thanks to its incredible performance-driven features. It is one of the best Shopify themes that come with wonderfully designed flexibility and power-packed features


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This multi-purpose and mobile-friendly theme equipped with over 100 different designs. It only not helps the visitors with navigation but also has a drop-down menu that can be translated easily for tablets and mobiles. 



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Having a drop-down shopping cart and excellent responsive design, TeePerfect is a perfect theme for providing a great shopping experience to the customers. There are pretty impressive sorts of customization options for making the site better than ever in this theme. 


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This one is a free Shopify theme that comes with a variety of styles available in different colors. Narrative is a wonderful option for individuals owning small organizations or a startup. 


Palo Alto

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If you are looking for premium Shopify themes, then we will say that there are very few that can really beat the Palo Alto. It is an excellent dropshipping theme that works perfectly for online eCommerce stores.


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Minimal is one of the best Shopify themes for dropshipping thanks to its simple and cleaner interface. It comes with a great sort of style for fashion, music, and vintage shops. Also, there is a gorgeous slideshow available in this theme for supporting bigger images adequately. 

Outlane Universe Theme

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If you want an elegant theme for dropshipping, then the Outlane Universe Theme can do wonders for your store. It looks incredible on both mobile as well as desktop giving responsive experience to the visitors. This theme is used by a great number of footwear and electronics stores due to its superior interface. 

eCom Turbo

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eCom Turbo is specially designed by the developers for boosting the sales on Shopify. It is a highly customizable theme having all sorts of things needed to push the customers buying products listed on the site. The users have seen sales conversions from the first day after installing this theme. 


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Known for simplicity and action-packed layouts, BEstore is another excellent choice to make your Shopify store look better and attractive. There are nine unique pre-packed layouts available in this theme for making it easy for visitors to shop products from the store. 



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Booster is a highly customizable theme that comes with 10 different themes and pretty incredibly features package. This app can be tailored according to the requirements of your store without creating too much difficulty. On top of that, it looks beautiful on both mobile as well as desktop. 

Empire Supply Theme

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Are you a fan of Amazon’s layout and want it for your Shopify store? If yes, then install the Empire Supply theme as soon as possible as it comes with all sorts of features needed for such purpose. It may be a little bit expensive than the other themes, but we will say Empire Supply is worthy of it. 

Shoptimized Theme

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A list of best Shopify themes can’t get completed without mentioning the name of Shoptimized at all. It is a customized theme that turns out to be very helpful for making high conversions. The majority of users have found an increase in traffic to their Shopify store with this theme.


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The list will end up with an exciting Shopify theme designed for eCommerce stores working in industries like furniture, cosmetics, fashion, and wellness among others. In fact, a great number of people prefer it to fulfilling their dropshipping needs adequately. 

Developing your Dream Shopify platform can never be an easy task considering the work involved in it. However, we believe that this post has helped the readers when it comes to the selection of best Shopify themes for dropshipping in 2020. Be a smart seller and create a site where visitors can’t resist them from buying products. Choosing the right theme can also help in increasing the sales of your platform. 

If you believe there is something still missing from this post, then we suggest writing it in the comment section or contacting our expert team through email. 

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